The Tiny Bang Story Review

The Tiny Bang Story Review

Aug 1, 2013

It seems quite counter-intuitive that mobile puzzle games are as popular as they are. Puzzle games require three things: calm, stable environment, lots of free time on one’s hands, and a big screen to see every pixel. None of these are available to most of the mobile gamers, and yet, high-quality pixel-hunting puzzles and adventures are released every week, and it’s always a pleasure to pick a new one up. Tiny Bang Story is one of the puzzle games, available on the mobiles, and it also features a great gameplay quality, along with beautiful music and backgrounds.

Story in Tiny Bang Story is mostly visual, and is secondary to the gameplay. It’s still a bit blurry for me to describe, but the game takes place on a strange, steampunky land that was shattered by an asteroid impact, and now needs to be rebuilt by completing various puzzles and finding specific objects. Tiny Bang Story is a mix between a puzzle and a hidden objects game. Although the core gameplay consists of finding various objects that are required to advance into the world, and into the story, there are also plenty of puzzles and challenges that need to be completed. Since the game has virtually no written explanations or directions, which is itself an interesting feature, finding what to do next is quite a puzzle, as well. Tiny Bang Story is controlled by the usual clicking on everything suspicious, until the way forward is found. To draw some comparisons, I found this game to be quite similar to Machinarium, and the other Flash adventures.
Tiny Bang Story 1

Although pixel-hunting is made easy even on the smaller screens, by letting the player zoom in on the level, the controls aren’t perfect. The main problem is that there’s no clear way of saying, when the transition between different screens happens, so sometimes it’s a challenge to go where is needed, and sometimes – it’s a challenge to stay. I think that simply marking exits with arrows could have eliminated this problem. In any case, besides the slightly uncomfortable controls, the rest of Tiny Bang Story is almost perfect. Puzzles are challenging, but not particularly frustrating, the environments are rich in details and drawn quite marvelously, and the soundtrack is a beautiful instrumental arrangement. It’s everything one could expect from a portable puzzle game. Although the price tag can scare some people off, and it’s somewhat short – it can be finished in about a couple of hours – great quality makes it quite a worthwhile experience.

The Tiny Bang Story Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The game has simply marvelous soundtrack and graphics.
Controls - Most of the problems occur on screen transitions. Otherwise - standard point-and-click.
Gameplay - Fine puzzles and different mini-games, but nothing especially mesmerizing.
Replay Value - There's no reason to replay this quite short adventure, if not for the great locations.
Overall - It has gorgeous graphics and solid gameplay, but it's a bit too short, and the controls aren't perfect.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available at Google Play Store »

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