Tiny Thief Review

Tiny Thief Review

Jul 23, 2013

Why does it necessarily have to be a thief? Whenever someone makes a stealth game, it always has some sort of thief, or assassin, as the protagonist. Stealth games can be much more! For example, a game can be about a private detective, taking up different cases, following people around, and taking pictures of someone’s wife. Or, it can be about a revolutionary, who is hiding from the police authorities, stirring up the flames of revolution, posting propaganda posters, and taking naked pictures of someone’s wife. The possibilities are endless! But here we are, with another thief, who is hiding from the guards, takes what isn’t his, and doesn’t even have a camera. At least the game is good.

Tiny Thief 3
Although Tiny Thief may look like a stealth action from the first glance – and it sort of is – it’s actually more of an adventure game. It consists of many different levels, with similar goals in each one. There’s always a level goal, which has to be completed for the level to count as passed; a secondary goal, which usually requires finding the whereabouts of the main hero’s ferret friend, and a secret goal, which has to be discovered separately.

Most of the goals require finding some sort of loot that the protagonist seeks for reasons, explained in the small story comics between the levels. Each level has a different way of obtaining the loot, and finding this way is the main part of the gameplay. Thief is controlled by tapping around a level to make him run around, and when he is near an object that can be interacted with, an icon appears for the interaction, although some objects can be interacted with directly, without the Thief’s direct presence.

There’s a problem, by the way, since often, there is a guard standing nearby, ready to turn at any second, so the time is pressing, and aiming and pressing at an interaction icon takes up precious seconds. It could simply light up before Thief is coming near an object, saving lots of hassle. Anyway, besides this small problem, everything about the game is smooth and works just right. The levels in Tiny Thief are varied, and require the player to search through his surroundings and think of a plan, before actually going in.

Often, random tapping on every possible object helps the progress, but the gray matter still has to participate in the process. The graphics in Tiny Thief are nice and cute, and the game is generally well-designed. Although stealth-action purists can scorn at such a casual attempt at a stealth game, it’s a lighthearted and fun title, with more than enough challenges.

Tiny Thief Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Nice quality and cuteness all around
Controls - Generally nice, but there are certain small irritations.
Gameplay - It's a bit unusual, but quite interesting, and varied.
Replay Value - Levels are numerous and require different approaches.
Overall - A very high-quality game. It's not complex, but still very interesting to play.

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