TM.Lazor App Review

TM.Lazor App Review

Jan 4, 2012

Smartphones are the perfect console for our modern ADD gaming culture. Got ten minutes to wait for a bus? Pull our your phone and play a few levels of Angry Birds. It almost happens by instinct now; whenever boredom strikes, the knee-jerk reaction is to reach into your pocket and tug out the smartphone. Unlike the epic, beautiful, and story-driven (supposedly) home console games, mobile gaming has found its niche in multi-leveled games with simple-yet-challenging gameplay. TM.Lazor is a game that fits the mold perfectly and delivers a solid game that will hold your attention for just as long as it needs too.

The premise behind TM.Lazor is to deflect lasers into specified portals by a grid of manipulatable mirror and such. A surprisingly plentiful amount of road blocks and challenges present themselves, and a helpful tutorial mode makes them easier to manage. The gameplay here is clever and the objects in your way do present a challenge and are varied so as levels don’t appear repetitive. You also have about 6 different kinds of mirror and redirecting squares which really means that every level is different because different assortments of these are supplied every level. Another feature that helps ward off repetition is the variation in level sizes. One level you might be in a long hallway and the next you’re in a claustrophobic square.

TM.Lazor does a good job making a game that is challenging without ever seeming cheap. The game’s difficulty curve is very forgiving and it’s easy to breeze through the first map pack but the more difficult maps start to tax your intellect. This game, like many other in its category, is very addictive and if you’re into puzzles this game is definitely worth checking out. What’s more, TM.Lazor is another free hidden gem on the Android Market.

TM.Lazor App Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The sound design is very calming and thankfully not annoying. The graphics, however, are very utilitarian. They don't need to be spectacular, and they aren't. Some animations are pixelated and the colors are bland, but it doesn't affect overall gameplay at all.
Controls - Simple dragging and tapping here.
Gameplay - Very addicting. TM.Lazor will definitely make you sit and think for a moment before attempting a move. More cerebral than most games in it's class. Early levels might be too easy but they do a good job at building a foundation for the later, more changeling levels.
Replay Value - As stated earlier, TM.Lazor can be addicting, and the different map packs add a lot of replay value. That said, I've played plenty of games that were harder to put down.
Overall - Being that the app is offered for free on the Market, I bumped the score up from a 8.5 to a 9. I enjoyed this game, and for those who like puzzles this is worth looking into.

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    Played too. Very nice game, and this above is very accurate description. Not much more to say. I wish there was more games like this one.