Topple Towers Review

Topple Towers Review

Apr 14, 2011

You know what’s the problem with physics puzzlers nowadays? They’re all 2D. Real physics takes place in three dimensions, I say! Topple Towers agrees with great fury. Topple Towers puts you in a 3D environment, with a bunch of blocks and objects to shoot cannonballs at. However, the red and green blocks are your main concern. Your goal is to knock over enough red blocks to get their height down below a certain point, while leaving the green blocks above a total certain height.

The game’s concept is interesting and challenging – there’s some thought required to figure out how to properly beat some of the levels without knocking over the green blocks. There are 45 levels in the main mode, with 10 bonus levels as well, and you don’t have to play them in order if you don’t want. The game also has a solid physics engine, and you have to often find creative ways to exploit it to succeed. This is a physics puzzle game, with an equal focus on both words in that phrase. The game also lets you adjust the graphical performance for lower performance devices, or to adjust which parts of the engine you want to be more powerful than others.

Visually, the game needs a lot of work – it resembles a mid-90’s PC game in its interface and graphics. The controls are very problematic as well – the default sensitivity is way too sensitive to aim properly. The first thing you should do is set to a lower value in the options, and you’ll find the game far more enjoyable. As well, the aiming is tricky as you can only rotate around a circle around the level, so you might think you can get to a shot, only to find out that you don’t have an angle. Humorously, you actually can interact with objects if you reach them – I’ve knocked over a stack of blocks that had fallen in an area that I moved to.

Topple Towers is not a beautiful game by any means; but a creative physics puzzler is what it is. If you can get past the mid-90’s PC game interface and visuals, then you might find yourself a physics puzzle game that’s worth playing.

Topple Towers Review Rundown

Graphics & Sound - The game looks like an old shareware PC game from the 90's...and not in a good way.
Controls - The sensitivity needs to be turned down in the options before you play to be comfortable, and the rotation seems to be set up to make it intentionally difficult to line up shots.
Gameplay - The gameplay is the real strength here - the puzzles are often grand and complex, and require thinking as well as proper execution to solve.
Replay Value - Not really any high scores to play for, it's just the 55 levels that you'll be playing for.
Overall - It ain't pretty, but the game has plenty of entertainment and a great concept going for it.

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