Touiteur Review

Touiteur Review

Aug 30, 2010

Touiteur might be the best Twitter app you’ve never heard of.

The Android Market is starting to look like the ground under a flock of seagulls; covered in Twitter poop. There are a few gems (read: Twitdroyd, Tweetdeck) but there is one app that has much fewer downloads, and far less hype: Touiteur.

This is strange, when you see how well the UI is designed, and how powerful the app is overall. Touiteur offers all of the features that the best Twitter apps offer, wrapped in a gorgeous interface.

Opening the app quickly drops you into your timeline, and the layout crammed a lot of tweets onto the screen, but was still easy to read. Differentiating between different user’s tweets is a breeze. Swiping right to left brings up your mentions, then messages.

Touiteur looks like it was built for Android. At almost any point, you can drag a tab down from under your notification bar, and immediately tap out a tweet. You can easily attach a photo, or URL. Currently, there is no ability to upload a video.

What sets Touiteur apart from it’s competition?

Touiteur is fast.
Viewing profiles, shrinking URL’s, geotagging, and changing status was instant. Scrolling though users you follow never hiccups, and speed permeates most of this app.

Setting user colors is genius.
When you navigate to a user’s profile, you can set the color you want their tweets to show up as. Most users follow many different users, but don’t really care what all of them have to say. Touiteur will tag the users you care about with the colors you chose. That way you can quickly scroll through the tweets, and stop at the ones you really want to read.

There are three different sized widgets.
If you find yourself using a full app far more than it’s widget, that widget isn’t working. You’ll use Touiteur’s widgets, because they are fully functioning, and sized to your liking.

You can change everything.
Change the link colors, user colors, gradients, notifications, font size, background, heck, you can even chose if you want profile pictures “rounded off” at the corners. You can change who you want hosting your pictures, and shortening your URL’s.

Share a tweet a thousand different ways.
Clicking “share” on a tweet will open up abilities to share the tweet via bluetooth, facebook, email, text, tumblr, wordpress, evernote…pretty much any app you have installed, Touiteur will plug the tweet into.

The only marks I would give against would be that it doesn’t support (ps- I hate it when people tweetlonger. If you can’t get it under 140, get a Tumblr) and there was no video uploading option.

I feel bad for LevelUp Studio, the makers of Touiteur. Tweetdeck released a half-baked BETA, and everybody is talking. Touiteur has wiped the floor with it for months. Download the excellent demo, and I think you’ll agree, it’s a heavyweight contender.

Touiteur Review Rundown

Presentation - Finally, a Twitter app that feels at home on your Android
Graphics - Like I said, changing user's colors is genius, and the graphics don't slow it down at all.
User Interface - Flawless.
Lasting Appeal - This currently my favorite Twitter app... and I've tried a lot.
Overall - Excellent. Touiteur is what Tweetdeck hopes to become.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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