TowerMadness Review

TowerMadness Review

Dec 13, 2013

Tower Madness is a tower defence game that looks like a lot of things at the same time. Of course, it’s not exactly easy to stand out from as numerous crowd as tower defence, and it’s not like TowerMadness isn’t trying, but I still found myself drawing parallels to other similar games, and especially Fieldrunners, quite a bit. The story is laconic and ridiculous. Aliens need your sheep, all eight of them, and you need to stop them. The stopping power includes about a dozen different kinds of defences, all of which can be upgraded, and should probably be a lot more interesting to aliens in the first place. The aliens come in waves, being delivered by UFOs, and heading straight to the sheep’s pen, with their walking routes being marked by arrows. When the player places a tower in their way, the aliens find a new path, around it. Thus, playing with tower positions, the player eventually creates a corridor of death that can eradicate even the most resilient of otherworldly scum.

Speaking of aliens, they differ by their abilities and armour,TowerMadness 4 and while they can’t attack the towers, they still have several tricks up their intergalactic sleeves that could make them a challenging target. The towers also differ wildly. There are usual dps towers that can attack land, air, or both, there are towers that can boost other towers’ damage, stun enemies, or do some other nasties. The choice isn’t large, but it’s there. Although, when you unlock a lightning tower I call “Tesla’s revenge”, you’ll probably wonder why you even need other options.

Anyway, about the issues. This game looks bad. Not just bad, it’s on such a precise level of awkward/hilarious cheap 3D graphics and animations that I can’t actually believe it’s not a parody. Although complete 3D is impressive on some level, it shouldn’t look like it’s from over ten years ago. It should be noted that TowerMadness was originally released over four years ago, which makes the cost prohibitive compared to other games considering the lack of features to make it infinitely replayable, like editor features, or multiplayer. It’s just a tower defense game that’s a few years old.

Overall, I have really mixed feelings about TowerMadness. On one hand, it’s a sufficiently varied, completely debugged and optimized tower defence with a cartload of maps, honest 3D graphics, and a number of different, upgradeable towers. On the other hand, it’s an unoriginal, old, and pretty graphically lacking game for three bucks. So, take from it what you will. For me, I’ve actually enjoyed it, once I have accepted blocky, shaking aliens, strangely obsessed with livestock.

TowerMadness Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - 3D is cool, but damn does it look cheap.
Controls - Side from a couple mild annoyances with the circular menus, everything's fine.
Gameplay - Fine, but not very original.
Replay Value - Really engaging, just like a tower defence game has to be.
Overall - It's a nice game. It has its problems, but it's fine overall.

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