Trailer Park King Review

Trailer Park King Review

Nov 26, 2013

The portrayal of people in media has been a hot topic as of late, especially with egregious misrepresentations of any protected classes in anything from TV to games to advertisements. One would think with this being a hot topic that a game which pretty much paints every single character in the worst stereotypical light possible, should be going through the ringer. However, you’d be dead wrong.

Trailer Park King, originally enjoying success as a XBLIG title some time back, is one of those games at first glance that looks like a dud. This title involves the story of the most stereotypical “white trash” redneck who is framed for murder after a date gone bad. Throughout the trials and tribulations of the protagonist named King, you will run into a myriad of scantily clad women, sexual innuendos and more stereotypes than you can imagine. With all that in mind, this point and click title is sure to anger a few people.


Be as it may, Trailer Park King itself is an entertaining and well done puzzle adventure title. While one could easily label this a sexist title, no actual sex happens within the game. Instead, a path of puzzles in order to clear your main character for a murder he was framed for are laced within the threads of the noticeable cleavage and portrayal of dumb yokels. The controls are fairly simple, being that it’s a point and click adventure title as well, with almost every game control involving a tap of the controller. The sleuthing, however, is still up to the player.

Anyone who remembers Al Lowe games from the 90s such as Leisure Suit Larry or Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist, will appreciate the immature, toilet-bowl humor that Trailer Park King uses. It’s the thing that is either the selling point or the turn off for this title, depending on which camp you subscribe to. If you enjoy adult humor, and can take a joke, no matter who you are, you’ll get a kick out of the humor and atmosphere of this title.


There will be a ring of controversy surrounding this title, regarding its treatment of women, or painting those who reside in trailer parks as dumb hillbillies. But it’d be a dull world if everyone had the same sense of humor. Trailer Park King doesn’t do any one thing particularly amazing, but what it does do is give people an opportunity to smile like an immature 14 year old, no matter their actual physical age, while also using their head to solve puzzles. It’s nothing worse than what you see in games such as Grand Theft Auto, and something a lot more tame than most movies people go to nowadays. A throwback to the days when PC was king, Trailer Park King is a point and click adventure that’s both fun and crude all in one.

Trailer Park King Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Uses that whole "moving comic" graphics, but makes up for that by awesome voice acting.
Controls - Fairly easy, nothing to complicated here.
Gameplay - Albeit quick, the gameplay is really fun and actually challenging.
Replay Value - You could burn through this in about an hour or so, though a 2nd play through won't change much. But it is only $1.00
Overall - It's going to be a tough sell for some in light of public opinion towards such portrayals of women, but underneath it all is a great and quick adventure title.

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