Treasures Of The Deep Review

Treasures Of The Deep Review

Jul 18, 2013

Might as well admit it. I’m a sucker for when it comes to match-three arcades and the like. They are almost always complete rip-offs of each other, simpler than angering a wasp in rehab, and innovations in this genre happen about as often as South African penguin stampedes. But I can’t help myself: although I like complex, original games as much as the next critic, I can sit hours in front of Bejeweled, erasing more bricks in one sitting, than were stolen during the construction of the Great Wall. I’ve completed Tetris (this might have happened in a dream). Also, I don’t like this next critic. Basically, I’m a hardcore casual player. So, I hope my excitement about Treasures Of The Deep is well understood. I like this game, but it’s definitely not for its innovative gameplay, or amazing story.
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Treasures Of The Deep is a match-three arcade game, which really means it’s Bejeweled with a texture swap. It does have a couple of new gimmicks, and actually has an illustrated story, which is rare for a mobile arcade game, but the gameplay is the same classic experience. There’s a tiled field that contains differently-colored gems. These gems get destroyed whenever there are three or more of them in a line. The player can switch any two neighboring gems. The goal of the game is to collect a set number of shining gems, which get spawned randomly. If it is completed in a set time limit, a golden or silver star is earned, although it’s not a necessary requirement.

An interesting mechanic allows upgrading power-ups that destroy several tiles in a row, or several tiles of same color, etc., spending the gold, acquired during the game. The story is the usual deal about a girl, who embarks on a journey, following a set of clues, given to her by her missing father. Although it’s nothing really interesting, it’s a nice touch that adds to the general richness of the game – and it does look rich. It has great soundtrack, incredible graphics, and smooth controls, all of which definitely place it among the best casual games. I was pleasantly surprised with Treasures Of The Deep, despite the fact that this developer often releases games of great quality.

It’s very safe, and not remotely original, but it’s a very well executed not remotely original, and it definitely plays great. Oh, and it’s not exactly “free” – it requires a dollar-worth activation upon reaching an 8th level or so, also removing any ads. Which is a great deal, I think, because Treasures Of The Deep is really good.

Treasures Of The Deep Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Yes, it's a 2-D arcade. It's also one of the most high-quality, smoothly-performing casual Android games I've seen.
Controls - The same deal. Unoriginal, but fluid.
Gameplay - There's a reason match-three genre is getting monthly releases.
Replay Value - I might die of starvation, but I will beat my score this time.
Overall - I don't want anyone to over-react. It's good, but not really different to other match-three arcades.

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