Tribond Review

Tribond Review

Nov 5, 2012

I like brain teasers. I like logic-based offerings, and timed ones are the best. TriBond, from Puzux, intrigued me enough to get hooked. Based on the award-winning board game of the same name, it is a brave attempt to bring the best of the game to handheld devices.

Underneath the layers, the premise of TriBond is simple: find the common thread and find the odd man out. Well, in practice, the developer did a great job of red herrings and links of differing levels of ambiguity. The strength of this title, in my opinion is that even when I was wrong, I could look at the final answer and have the linked terms actually make sense.

The the basic gameplay was set up thus: it was broken into levels, and there were four sets of words (Threezers). In every set of four, three words had a link… a common thread if you will. My job was to pick the three words and tap the “Solve” button as quickly as possible to advance to the next step. In challenge Mode, points collected were inversely proportional to time spent, so fortune definitely favored the fast.

And yes, there is a catch. Three missed associations, and I was done. There were hints for the inevitable moments when I had brain freezes, but thankfully, the developers resisted the urge to make the game to simple and restricted the hints to three per level.

Additional levels were available for purchase, so, in that sense, there was a good degree of expandability. I also really loved the referral program, which allowed for extra Threezers to be earned by my friends and myself if they used the referral code to install Threezers on their devices. Scoreloop-powered share functionality with Twitter and Facebook was another feature that ensured that my friends could partake in my genius.

Tribond Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Somewhat basic; avoids gameshow smarmy-ness, but could probably use more variation.
Controls - Simple and easy to master.
Gameplay - Easy to master.
Replay Value - Plenty of gameplay available. Innovative use of referrals makes it even more fun.
Overall - Nice recreation, surprisingly addictive and a great conduit to the boardgame.

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