Truck Driver 3D: Offroad Review

Truck Driver 3D: Offroad Review

May 31, 2015

Want a challenge? Check out Truck Driver 3D: Offroad.

The gameplay centers around one major concept: moving vehicles and the stuff they are hauling safely from one point to another. Now, if there were anything much easier said than done, this is undoubtedly it.

There are two modes, Story and Free; jumping in on the former, one gets a fairly decrepit tractor, with a trailer full of bales of hay. To get the vehicle and its load moving, there are are virtual buttons for braking and acceleration nestled to the bottom right; towards the left, a virtual steering wheel and a drive/reverse gear box. Used together, these direct the vehicle and the hitched cargo. The controls have a certain realistic feel to them, in that the they are almost elastic and cumulative in nature.

In any case, the gameplay is partially defined by the environment, and the developer goes quite in depth here. The different backdrops are rendered in vivid 3D, with interesting naturescapes and such. The roadways, however, are what really underscore the playability. The roads are not easy to navigate.

No, not at all.


Using the controls, one has to be able to use just the right amount of speed to safely get around the narrow paths, or one might tip the vehicle, lose the load and/or fall to a grisly end. Again, the realism is a big element; the mechanics are mostly well done, and several scenarios feel life-like. Sometimes, jamming the vehicle up negates attempts to back-up, and over-compensating can be a bad choice.

Scoring is based on the ability to bring as much load in as possible. There are other trucks and stuff to unlock, and the developer tosses in different weather conditions, animals and physical challenges to bear. Things can be expedited with real money, and sometimes, that feels like the merciful way out.

It’s simple in concept, but quite the challenge in hand, but I suspect some folks will be quite okay with that.

Truck Driver 3D: Offroad Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Interesting sound, great looks and realistic animations.
Controls - Varied steering options and virtual buttons.
Gameplay - Challenging game, with several subtle nuances that add to the overall presentation.
Replay Value - Fairly addictive.
Overall - Fun survival game with great graphics.

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