TurretCrunch Review

TurretCrunch Review

Jan 27, 2014

It is a mystery, why most of the games that are built using the Unity game engine look so subpar. It’s cool that people experiment with creating games in 3D, and I know that it’s a lot more difficult than just drawing some sprites, but if you’re going to ask a full price for the game, I’m going to expect something comparable to the other paid games. I don’t mean treating me to an Avatar’s worth of 3D graphics. But at least include some nice special effects or enemies that don’t look like they were created from clay by a 5 year old on crack. There are plenty of dashing titles that I can choose from that are a lot cheaper than these sorts of games.

In TurretCrunch, the player takes control of a tank, leaving a question of why the game is called TurretCrunch, open. This tank rides around a small, plain area, and shoots around the place, defending itself against the attacks of various clay nightmares that are coming in waves. After destroying enough of them, the tank gets a level-up, and the player can choose to upgrade one of its characteristics. There are lots of tanks to unlock and upgrade, both while onTurretCrunch 2 the level, and in the menu, using the carrots that you collect. Yes, you are collecting carrots, because in TurretCrunch, you play for some weird, tiny creatures that use carrots, apples and other greens in heavy warfare. And they said vegetables aren’t a product of animal suffering. Anyway, the gameplay is quite decent, although the game is graphically so bad that it actually affects the gameplay, since some monsters behave quite strangely, and you don’t know when you are supposed to shoot them. Although, the controls are a bit uncomfortable, although I can’t put my finger on what’s the problem.

As always, my issue with the game isn’t that it looks poorly, or isn’t really exciting. It’s that it has all of these issues, and asks for two bucks as a price. That’s right, it’s not free-to-play at all, it’s a demo that costs two bucks to upgrade to a complete version. I’m not saying it’s very unreasonable, or that TurretCrunch can’t be enjoyed, but I do expect more from the paid games. Heck, I expect more from the free ones, either.

TurretCrunch Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - It's in 3D, but very lacking, both in sound and in graphics.
Controls - Could be more comfortable.
Gameplay - A standard arena shooter with lots of options to upgrade. No issues here.
Replay Value - The beginning of each game is pretty slow and tiresome.
Overall - Call me superficial, but I simply can't get past the design and style problems of this game. Otherwise, it could be pretty enjoyable.

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