Tyrant Unleashed Review

Tyrant Unleashed Review

Feb 19, 2014

Tyrant Unleashed is a trading cards game, and it’s a somewhat strange one. While some rules are going to be familiar to any player of Magic and the like, the gameplay lacks some very basic features that makes Tyrant Unleashed very different, and I think, a bit worse than the other TCGs.

The setting is a generic war in the far future with humans and aliens all battling against each other. I didn’t really follow the thin plot of the mission mode, but it looks like the game isn’t forcing anyone to. If you are really interested in it, there’s a button to the right that shows the unlocked portions of the story and gives basic lore overview of the battling fractions. There are several game modes, but they all have the same battle mechanics, and the worst part – they also all have “energy” bars that take time to recharge.

In the battle, players take turns, grabbing cards that represent units from their decks and laying them on the “field” to battle against each other, with the goal of reducing their heroes’ health points to zero. The strangeness of the game I mentioned is in the fact that, unlike most other TCG, in Tyrant Unleashed, players don’t get to choose where to place their units. Instead, they are automatically added at the end of the “queue”. It wouldn’t be critical if the player could choose where to strike, but the units strike automatically, by the order they were spawned, Tyrant Unleashed 3and only at the opposing units. Say, you have an infantryman and giant worm on your side, and the enemy has an assault vehicle and a medic on his.

When both of the players have spawned their units, first, your infantryman and enemy assault vehicle will fire upon each other, and then – your giant worm and enemy’s medic will. Like two towers of units, shooting at the opposite tower’s floor. When one “floor” is killed, the tower goes one level down. This requires a different tactical approach, but I think it’s not worth it. Since you don’t know in advance which unit the enemy will spawn next, you can’t really “build” your strategy without wild guessing. Also, there’s no “price” for units, so you’re left with spawning the best ones from the start, if you have them, and this also means that the player with the best cards completely dominates over the player with the lesser cards. In the end, I just chose the most powerful units on the team and then kept piling up medics so they wouldn’t die.

Then there’s the fact that I couldn’t find multiplayer battles. There was an option to join a guild, but for the life of me, I couldn’t find where to play multiplayer battles against human opponents – you’d think this would be the biggest button in a TCG. Anyway, I guess it’s up to anyone to check if Tyrant Unleashed is worth the time, but I found it mildly annoying and too much relying on “free-to-pay” mechanics, rather than on a solid card system.

Tyrant Unleashed Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The art on the cards is neat, but the rest, including the same sound effects through the battles, gets tiresome.
Controls - Nothing worth mentioning.
Gameplay - Too random and after a while, basically requires spending money to have an upper hand.
Replay Value - Would be higher if you weren't required to wait for an hour to actually replay.
Overall - Mediocre TCG that bothers with the bottom line more than with actually being fun.

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