UberMusic Review

UberMusic Review

Oct 19, 2011

One of the first things I did when I got my new HTC EVO 4G over the summer was find something, anything else, to replace the awful stock HTC music app. On the most basic level a music player has to be two simple things: efficient, and attractive; unfortunately HTC’s music player is neither. On the Android Market there are a bevy of media players, and it’s very hard for one to stand out from the other because their jobs are incredibly simple: play music and don’t get in the way of finding that perfect song. UberMusic, created by Federico Carnales of LauncherPro fame, does just that perfectly.

UberMusic is a perfect port of Windows Phone 7’s striking media player and can be easily skinned to give the classic Zune look, complete with album and artist backgrounds. There are a handful of customization options as well as downloadable skins, but the customization options aren’t too impressive. Regardless, out of the box this is the best looking media player available for Android. Artist photos load with a slight delay the first time they are used but then appear instantly afterword, and the whole app swiftly navigates between panels without any sign of lag.

Unfortunately this app is not perfect. One of UberMusic’s major downsides, especially if you currently use an app like WinAmp, DoubleTwist, or MixZing, is that the number of features offered is noticeably slim. Currently, the only connected feature is Last.fm scrobbling. If features are what you’re looking for then UberMusic will be very disappointing even with an included live wallpaper of moving album artwork. However, if a simple, beautiful, iPod replacement is what you are in search for when looking for a high-quality music app for Android, then UberMusic should be at the top of your list.

UberMusic Review Rundown

User Interface - Personally, I feel that Window's Phone 7 and Zune have the best UI of any media player.
Fuctionality - Doesn't include nearly the amount of features as other competitors. But does have Last.fm scrobbling and a live wallpaper.
Performace - App suffers from little to no lag and images load quickly. Lag only occurs when skipping forward though multiple songs on shuffle.
Usefullness - This could depend on what you use it for. For an iPod replacement, just a simple music player, its great. For anything more, there are better alternatives.
Overall - If you want an small, elegant music player to replace your iPod when going out, I strongly suggest UberMusic.

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