UNO Review

UNO Review

Jul 15, 2011

The wildly popular card game UNO has made its way to a number of digital platforms over the past few years, and recently, the Android OS has been added to the lengthy list of platforms supporting it. Does the classic card game work well on the Android platform, or should you hand it the skip card? Read on to find out.

If you’ve made it to the point in your life where you own an Android device, but you’re unfamiliar with the classic card game UNO, it’s time to sit down and seriously evaluate the direction your life has taken, but we’ll go over the rules real quick just to be on the safe side. Each game of UNO starts with a card face up on the table, and the first player has to throw down a card of the same color, or number. Each player repeats this process until someone gets down to one card, at which point they have to shout “UNO”. If they don’t call it, any other player can challenge their UNO, and force them to draw two more cards.

Special cards can be thrown down to spice things up. Any card thrown down will affect the next player in rotation. So, if a player throws down a draw two card, the next player will have to take two more cards into their hand.

So, now that the three of you who just emerged from the cave you’ve been living in all your life (thanks for visiting this site before doing anything else by the way) know how to play UNO, let’s address the real question here – does it work well on the Android platform? For the most part, the answer is “yes”. To play a card, you just have to tap it, then drag it to the pile in the center of the virtual table. If you need to challenge someone else’s UNO, just tap the challenge button that pops up before it goes away.

If you’re just looking to squeeze in a few single player games of UNO when you have some free time, you won’t do much better than UNO for Android. If you’re looking to play UNO with your friends, you’re better off picking up a deck of UNO cards instead of dropping three bucks on this app. There’s no online multiplayer, and the local multiplayer has you passing your phone around the room to each player.

UNO is a lot of fun, but the lack of online multiplayer is kind of a bummer. Still, if you want to squeeze in a quick game of UNO while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store, this app is the way to go.

UNO Review Rundown

Graphics and Sound - The presentation in UNO is simple but effective.
Controls - Just tap the card you want to play, and drag it to the pile - couldn't be easier!
Gameplay - This app brings all of the fun of the classic card game to the Android platform.
Replay Value - If you like UNO, you'll find yourself coming back to this app again and again.
Overall - UNO offers an enjoyable gameplay experience despite the lack of online multiplayer.

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