Up&Up – Balloon Puzzler Review

Up&Up – Balloon Puzzler Review

Jun 29, 2017

It’s not something you might dwell on too much, but when you think about it, it has to be a tough life for Balloons. Full of hot air, and the cool buoyancy is tempered by the fact that almost every bit of matter, including the air that gives it life, can be that which ends it.

In Up&Up – Balloon Puzzler, we get to help liberate a balloon that has the temerity to want to escape evil poppers and make it’s way up.up3

It’s simply laid out, with genteel stylings that are highlighted in portrait mode, with soft backgrounds that don’t distract from the “real” action. The game is based on a lot of seamless movement, and mostly delivers in this regard, with smooth animations and matching sounds.

As hinted at already, the core idea is to help the balloon move on upwards to an exit point, so as to escape the pin-laden bullies looking to do it harm. Of course, getting from Point A to Point B isn’t nearly as easy as it could be, as their are blocks that prevent “natural” physics from occurring.

Thankfully, the blocks can generally be moved by finger gesture “up” or “down” or “sideways” so as to create space that will allow Balloony get to where it want to go. Performance is measured by the the amount of moves required to finish a level; less is obviously better, and completing a level opens up a new one. There is a hints button that helps with levels for sticky situations.

The games does get a bit tougher as one goes on further into the game. The puzzles ostensibly get more complex, and the helpers get a bit more interesting as well — right in step with the “dangerous” obstacles that are there to make egress more difficult.

It blends together well, and comes across as a capable time waster.

Up&Up – Balloon Puzzler Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Easy looking, with effective animations and intuitive navigation.
Controls - Intuitive gestures/touch.
Gameplay - Simple physics puzzler that becomes challenging as one plays on.
Replay Value - Fairly addictive.
Overall - A pleasing experience.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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