Vector Ace Review

Vector Ace Review

Feb 21, 2011

When you think of racing games, you probably imagine zipping around turns at high speeds, and weaving around other racers. Vector Ace will take your preconceptions about racing games and turn them upside down with its slow, thoughtful nature.

The concept is deceptively simple. To move, you have to press one of nine buttons to determine your velocity, and vector. Each button press will move you in the indicated direction and at the indicated speed. The trick is to learn how far and fast you will go when you press a given button under given circumstances. For example, if you moved quickly straight forward with your last move, you run the risk of crashing into a wall by doing so with your next move. Vector Ace trades break-neck speed for careful planning, and surprisingly, it works pretty well.

The presentation in Vector Ace is very simple. The graphics show off a “graph paper” aesthetic, and the music is little more than audio filler. Neither the graphics nor the sound are flat out bad, they just aren’t terribly memorable. Vector Ace isn’t a flashy game, but the strategic gameplay more than makes up for that fact.

The only real flaw in Vector Ace is that it doesn’t have a lot of replay value. Once you have figured out how to correctly maneuver your way through the track, there’s little incentive to keep coming back for more. While you’re learning how best to navigate each track without crashing, Vector Ace is a lot of fun, but once you have a good working knowledge of the game’s mechanics, the game just fails to keep you engaged.

Despite a low replay value, Vector Ace is worth checking out. You won’t find high speed racing here, but you will find an enjoyable strategic experience worth having. If you’re looking for high speed racing, look somewhere else. If you’re looking for something a little more strategic, Vector Ace might just be the game for you.

Vector Ace Review Rundown

Graphics and Sound - The presentation isn't bad, just simple.
Controls - The controls are simple but effective - hit one of nine buttons to determine your vector.
Gameplay - Vector Ace provides a unique "racing" experience rooted in strategy.
Replay Velue - You won't be motivated to keep coming back once you figure out how to navigate each track.
Overall - An enjoyable experience for strategic gamers. Low replay value, but hey' it's free.

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