Visual Voicemail Review

Visual Voicemail Review

Feb 26, 2016

Way back when, relatively early on in my smartdevice ownership life, I happened upon a service which greatly enhanced my professional life. This application had a killer feature which gave me a serious sense of legitimacy: it allowed people calling into my phone to receive custom response. Seemingly little, yes, but infinitely useful, beyond the (then) new visual voice mail capabilities.

The app/service, YouMail, was an anchor app back then. Since then, it has grown and is available on other platforms. Now, it’s known as Visual Voicemail;and it does a lot of what it used to, and a whole, whole lot more.vv3

In its base form, right off the Play Store, the app is pretty robust. One finds a standalone inbox with space for 100 messages, and the expected visual voicemail functionality, which gives folks the ability to peek in on calls and messages. It also packs in an integrated spam blocker and my favorite aforementioned feature: Smart Greeting. This retains all of the old charm, allowing set up callers to get personalized greetings, starting from the name. Another biggie is the call blocking feature, which allows users to spoof an excuse to ward off unwanted calls.

Yes, the free version is pretty nice.

YouMail gave us access to YouMail Premium and YouMail Business, two higher tiers available via paid subscription ($5 and $10 respectively). With these, even more features are added: message alerts, the ability to search texts by voice and advanced customer care options, amongst other unique features. Additionally, the Business subset adds unified inboxes and still more.

Visual Voicemail promises to be a mobile secretary, and in practice, it does this quite well. As noted, it adds a veneer of professionalism that is quite becoming; calls are answered organically, and the mailbox works as advertised. One drawback is that YouMail is rated for only three of the Big Four carriers; if one uses Verizon (or prepaid carriers/services), one is out of luck. Also, it is a bit wonky with Google Voice, so users might of that service might want to see if it works for them.

All in all, the service is even more vibrant, giving users a great option beyond boring stock voicemail. In many ways, it makes one mobile life even more flexible.

Visual Voicemail Review Rundown

User Interface - Clean interface with intuitive navigation.
Functionality - Works as a pretty vibrant VVM alternative and call manager.
Android Compatibility - Can be used (with different levels of success) across different carriers.
Value - Different subscription price points (including free) are available.
Overall - Still a valid, standalone option for business folks and even "home" use.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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