War Wings Review

War Wings Review

Feb 20, 2017

When it comes to action games, few genres beat the trusty aerial shoot-em ups. In any case, we still want to be wowed, so Sixjoy’s new game War Wings does have a lot to live up to.

Yep, it’s a slick affair from a visual, uh, point of view; the presentation is well done, with a great use of color. The animations really bring the game to life, and the accompanying sound is excellent.

To start out, you get to pick from a, well, lowly rated plane; the game then takes you in on a hands-on tutorial. This tutorial is helpful with regards to using the controls (the game allows the player to pick tilt, virtual buttons or external bluetooth controller). After that, it leads you on a couple of game-like missions.

Beyond the training, the actual gameplay comes in three more flavors: multiplayer, season and a challenge mode. For the most part, the action boils down to a lot of dogfighting; in the multiplayer, one gets to play with other players in teams set via the game servers. It takes a while to get used to stuff, but it comes together well. Trying to shoot while being shot at is pretty fun.

One thing that makes the game enjoyable is the inclusion of different play modes; with this, you can become as involved as you like. Wanna quick shot? Here. Season action? Check. Training? Oh yeah. The game can be very involved, so it’s a good idea to serve up different servings of playable action.


Another aspect I like is the control mechanism. The default is quite intuitive, and gives the game a degree of realism despite the simplicity. As noted, the action can be controlled in several ways, and the gamepad support is especially fantastic.

The upgrade aspect feels a bit busy, but again, it does help with the realism.

The IAPs weren’t too invasive; we were able to get plenty of play without spending real money. However, we did take advantage of some free goodies, and yes, the game does pick up a good deal with them.

War Wings Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Great graphics and "epic" war sounds.
Controls - Choice is GREAT: virtual touch, accelerometer or gamepad.
Gameplay - Three game modes, RPG elements and IAP elemens.
Replay Value - Highly addictive.
Overall - An engaging game with lots of play available.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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