Wild Blood Review

Wild Blood Review

Oct 23, 2012

Gameloft strikes again with Wild Blood, and this time, Camelot comes to town.

In this hack and slash adventure, the gameplay goes medieval. Looking for movies that have both Sean Connery and Richard Gere will help somewhat, but, off the bat, I thought the storyline was compelling enough to draw gamers in. Lancelot, my protagonist, is in love with the the Queen. King Arthur, understandably so, is enraged, and easily manipulated by his sorceress sister to release demon legions on earth.

In other words, Guinevere and the world were in trouble, and I (Lancelot) had to save them… in that order.

Graphics-wise, the game has good genes, and they are on full display. The 3-D pops out, and the developer did well to make the animations smooth and realistic. The imagery is rich in its darkness; even Lancelot departs from his usual regal characterization and takes a dark turn. The monsters look scary, the landscapes look adequately barren, and Arthur looks bewitched.

I found out the expected cache of power-ups existed. I liked the weapons. Yes, swords are cool, but longbows are even cooler, and there is something insanely exhilarating about an arrow-toting Knight. The swords mimicked sky-scrapers, and I was happy the Excalibur took a leading role. Without Excalibur, the story just doesn’t jive.

My biggest complaint was the inconsistency. Sometimes, the game acted grumpy and refused to load. This game is not dainty, so high end device with a LOT of space is needed. Also, I thought more minor, differing challenges would have been good to reduce any latent redundancy.

Wild Blood has multiplayer compatibility. I am a big fan of the “Catch the Flag” option. Of course, Wild Blood is compatible with Gameloft Live, so bragging rights, when earned, can be shared with friends.

I found Wild Blood to be a pretty cool 3-D title, but we have come to expect that from Gameloft.

Wild Blood Review Rundown

Graphics/sound - Sounds match gameplay, graphics match excellent stuff we look to see from Gameloft.
Controls - Easy to master, very responsive. Minimized touchscreen controls allow for good use of real estate.
Gameplay - Another topnotch title from Gameloft.
Replay Value - Plenty of chapters, and the storyline is fun enough to invite continual gameplay.
Overall - Decent title; sizable download.

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  • yeah…its not bad at all

  • Tre Lawrence

    Agreed… it is pretty fun.