Wind Runner Review

Wind Runner Review

Dec 10, 2013

I was understandably disappointed after I have launched Wind Runner, and found out that in fact, it didn’t have anything to do with the hero from Dota 2. There’s only a moderately repetitive endless runner with half a difference from any other one. Featuring anime-styled graphics and a single background music, it’s a well-done game, although its design documents might’ve actually been photocopied from somewhere. Lack of story and explanation awaits the players, who have to run behind some crow-looking bird with a stone in its claws. The value and importance of this stone is undisclosed, so I choose to believe it’s just a shine rock that the heroes really-really like to look at.

There are three heroes, one basic and two unlockable, but difference between them is slight. The heroes’ abilities include jumping, double-jumping, squishing enemies by jumping on them, and picking power-ups. The heroes can also be leveled up, slightly increasing their stats, and the effects that power-ups have on them, with gold. The gold is awarded for running a certain distance, and as far as I’ve noticed, it doesn’t depend on the amount of stars picked up during the run. Which is a bit disappointing, but alright. There are also pets that can be purchased. They help pick tricky, flying stars, and boost a hero in some way, but don’t contribute to the gameplay otherwise.
Wind Runner 4
Despite not lacking in design and pace, Wind Runner feels quite repetitive. I know, repetitive endless runner, what’s that? But still, a couple of varied game mechanics go a much longer way than backgrounds and textures. Pets are interesting, and abusing social networks is absolutely isn’t, but there should be something to switch the game from the monotonous slackery it becomes. There’s also a limit on the runs available per day, which is so utterly, abso-diculously stupid that I don’t even want to talk about it. Overall, it’s a typical Facebook-connected endles runner with “chibi” heroes. Kind of a “play it and forget it”, after finding something fresher.

Wind Runner Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Moderately well done, but a soundtrack gets repetitive quickly.
Controls - Tap, double-tap, nothing unusual.
Gameplay - Somewhat repetitive. Also, limiting gameplay? Is that reverse psychology?
Replay Value - It's an infinite runner. It's only value is, pretty much, replay one.
Overall - Somewhat hairy and repetitive, but fluent, and without serious issues.

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