Word Cookies Review

Word Cookies Review

Dec 23, 2016

Word Cookies might get you hungry — even subliminally — in more ways than one.

At its core, it is a straightforward word game. The visual representation highlights this, with a baking motif (plus optional Christmas theme) interspersed with dark patterns and light fonts — all set in portrait orientation.

The gameplay itself is easy to glean from the beginning, there is a jumble of letters on the screen, topped by a number of block sots for formed words. The idea is to fill up all the word slots using wc3words created from the jumble.

Now, the words are created by using finger gestures to spell out the words from the letters available. The player can gesture swipe in any direction, and hopefully will create a word that fits into one of the word slots.

A good word created a green link, and a bad or unaccepted ones leave a red trail.

One all the word slots are filled, the level is finished, and a new level is unlocked. A successful run can nets points and gold coin, and the latter can be used to purchase hints if you get stumped. There is also a reshuffle option.

As one goes on, the challenge does get harder and harder, but there isn’t a rush, so you can take a lot of time trying combinations out. Be warned though, some real words can be red herrings.

It’s a bit of a sleeper hit, in that it seemingly sneaks up on you and steals your heart. It’s so easy going though; if there is one feature I’d love to see, it would be a timer option through all the levels; I think this would add an extra layer of challenge to folks who would enjoy the scramble.

All in all, it is quite enjoyable, and the self-contained nature makes it easy to get into — stay into it.

Word Cookies Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Simply laid out, with sharp graphics and enjoyable sounds.
Controls - Simple controls, with touch and gestures.
Gameplay - Leveled word challenges, with a few red herrings too.
Replay Value - Hard to put down.
Overall - A fun time waster that still has potential to get better.

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  • cmkeller

    It’s insanely addictive. But very inconsistent about which words are real answers and which are bonus answers, it can change from round to round. This is only a real game-play problem on bonus levels, where you get extra points for getting the specific word that’s marked with a butterfly, but it’s annoying on the regular levels as well, even though there’s no penalty.

  • Brittany Sanders

    Super addictive and simple. Beat the whole game so I switched back to Words with Friends. Also found a new game called Word Stash. Check em both out