Wordfeud Review

Wordfeud Review

Nov 27, 2012

Wordfeud is a Scrabble clone that allows players to challenge friends remotely across Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.

For Scrabble familiars, the basics are unchanged. I had to use a combination of skill and vocabulary to score points on a board of squares of differing values. The game showed gave me and my opponent seven randomly selected letter tiles, mimicking the real life board game, the kicker being that all words created horizontally and vertically had to be”true” words. Every time I took a turn, my used tiles were replenished back to seven. On each of my turns, I could attempt a word, shuffle my tiles, or swap all or some tiles for new random ones (as long as there were more than 7 left in the bag). If a word was bogus (meaning: not in the engine’s dictionary), it would not let me play it.

A couple of the changes from the canon are what will probably raise the stakes for some; for example, there are two type of game boards that I could pick at the beginning. I could pick the normal board, which was the perfectly symmetrical board most Scrabble players are used to; on this board, you had the double and triple letter/word squares cleanly equidistant from each other. There was also the randomized board, which threw the special squares all over the place. After a turn, my opponent had 72 hours to play, or I won by default and vice versa. Three passed turns in any order allowed the person with the highest score after deductions to win.

My biggest complaint was the absence of the challenge function. I loved that this game did not try to mimic Scrabble’s convoluted dictionary, but I would have loved an optional challenge button. I also think that while the clean interface is a huge draw, the game could have done with an occasional graphic differentiation like when, say, I used all seven tiles. A re-settable stat counter would have been nice too, as would optional skins.

Wordfeud is a great cross-platform Scrabble clone that also has the advantage of having multi-language support. The easy nature of play, coupled with liberal turn time and ability to play multiple games simultaneously should endear it to plenty of people. It’s clean interface separates it from competitors.

Wordfeud Review Rundown

Graphics - Clean, tight interface with zoom properties.
Conrols - Drag n drop plus taps.
Gameplay - Most elements of scrabble are present; ability to play random people and multiple games at once.
Replay Value - Liberal turn time will encourage return.
Overall - Great version that has cross-platform functionality.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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