World at Arms Review

World at Arms Review

Dec 13, 2012

Games where where a civilization or community is built and needs to be maintained are pretty popular. World at Arms takes a different approach to this. The goal of World at Arms is to create a powerful army able to withstand attacks from foreign countries. Ok, the idea isn’t all that new, but there are not a lot of games of this style using the American army like this.

World at Arms shows a lot of similarities to other games in the way that the buildings need to be built and troops need to be trained in order to protect the base. Even with outside forces continually try to attack and weaken the forces of the base.

There are numerous quests to go on. Some of these quests are preemptive strikes. Essentially, troops are sent to thwart potential attacks, not actual attacks. Going on these quests will go usually results in acquiring loot. Keep in mind however, going on these quests requires manpower and resources like oil. Erecting buildings also requires the use of resources. It’s a good idea to build a mess halls and oil fields as soon as possible. These are both essential to the expansion of the base. Also, the mess hall and the bar will bring in a decent amount of income. As everyone knows, without income, things can expand.

Controlling the troops while in battle is pretty straightforward. The selection is done either manually by choosing which forces should be involved in the attack. The other option is to have the troops auto deployed. The auto deployment simply picks out a mixture of troops, mechanical weapons and airstrike capabilities to try and overpower the opposing forces. On quests while the battle is going on, different obstacles could be in the way as well as the threat of incoming artillery. If something like this pops up on the screen, a simple tap on the object will destroy the opposing object.

Parts of the game require metals to be used to purchase items. These metals can also be used to speed up the building of buildings retraining of troops. While these are little harder to come by, they can be purchased through the in game purchasing system using real-world money.

World at Arms Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The graphics are pretty good for a game of the style. The music and sounds are very military oriented, which fits in quite nicely.
Controls - The controls again pretty easy. There simply tapping on the screen to complete the action.
Gameplay - The game itself is pretty easy to play. The difficulty comes from managing all of the different resources and space on the base to maximize its potential.
Replay Value - This is one of those games that needs to be played over time because it will take a while to build up resources and achieve certain landmarks and goals.
Overall - This is a great take on a classic genre of game. The combination of war games and building a civilization is sure to be a good hit.

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  • mikehod

    This game is really buggy,I doesn’t always let you attack others,it just locks up and shuts down.When this happens you get to see the really annoying part of the game and that’s when it loses hours of game play I once spent an hour rearranging my base and placing decorations to increase payouts only to come back to the game a few hours later to find none of it was saved I’ve actually reached level 21 three times because of the set backs,this is the only gameloft game that does this to me its also the 1st one I’ve spent real money on which is the only reason I haven’t deleted this trash from my tablet.The first and last time game loft will get my money.

  • Ryan

    Mine is locking up on me to! Every time I try to attack anyone! It sucks… I love the game but now I cant even battle which is kind of the point! Any fix for this?

  • Jootz

    How can i retrieve my base? I accidently deleted the game on my iphone and when i reinstall it, im on lvl 1 again..:(

  • Ali Mahdi