World of Goo Review

World of Goo Review

Nov 30, 2011

2D Boy’s indie smash hit World of Goo is slowly traversing across the gaming universe, to any platform that is pointer control-friendly. From computers to Wii to iOS, now in 2011, the World of Goo experience is now available on Android. The point of World of Goo is to use goo balls to connect a starting goo point to the vacuum at the end, trying to suck up the additional goo balls. There are standard ones that are one-time only uses, ones that can be moved around, ones that serve as balloons, and more.

World of Goo has far more personality than many puzzle games. The hint signs tease a bigger story about what the goo balls are, and what the World of Goo Corporation wants to do with them. The levels require a sense of knowledge about how to keep them stable, and how to balance them out in time before structures collapse. Many levels are explicitly based around building quickly before the environment changes, or flimsy structures collapse. They just have to stand up long enough to become sucked up by the end-level vacuum. Extra goo balls above the maximum are sent to the World of Goo Corporation level, where they can be built with freely, with leaderboards for the tallest height of a structure. Android tablet owners will love the game, as it is properly optimized for their devices, and multitouch can be used to manipulate multiple goo balls at once on the bigger screen.

The big problem with the controls are that finding and choosing the correct goo ball is often hectic because of the way that all the other goo balls move around on the current goo structure. Picking up the wrong goo ball happens way too often. To run the risk of sounding like an infomercial, I have to exclaim: “there’s got to be a better way!” A better indicator of the connections a goo ball will make would be helpful; in some levels it can be quite dim and hard to tell, and the difference between connections can be mere pixels. He ability to zoom in and out would solve a lot of these issues I mentioned.

World of Goo is a fine physics puzzler, though the controls are a definite issue that pops up. Still, for Android gamers who haven’t checked out one of its previous incarnations, this is well worth a pickup.

World of Goo Review Rundown

Graphics and Sound - Fantastic animation, looks great on tablets.
Controls - There are far too many occasions where accidental input occurs, such as grabbing the wrong goo ball because of so many flying around structures.
Gameplay - Invemtove, and demands creative thinking.
Replay Value - Plenty of levels, and going back for extra goo balls makes the freeform mode all the more worth it.
Overall - There's a reason why this keeps popping up on a variety of platforms - it is one darn good game.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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