Zap Game Review

Zap Game Review

Oct 14, 2010

Round two in my Polarbit/Fabrication Games Trifecta is their recently released game “Zap,” a match-3 style puzzle arcade game very reminiscent of Puzzle Bobble or Bust-a-Move. As with the other Polarbit/Fabrication Games, pre-game options are exactly the same. They also carry the same gripes which I expressed in my first review of 8ball. Here’s an excerpt from that review:

Let me start with one of my biggest gripes with the Polarbit/Fabrication franchise. I have yet to play a game made by them that includes any sort of in-game instructions. This is frustrating because it’s naive of them to assume every single user will be able to figure things out. Even if you do figure things out it would be nice to know exactly what each option does. Thankfully you guys have me as a guinea pig.


Since Zap is a match-3 puzzle game, the object is to vaporize rows of different colored balls by matching 3 or more of their respective color. Bright colored balls sit upon a copper grid equipped with a mechanical broom to push rows forward after three non-matched plays. Balls are shot in a pinball manner from a rotational arm attached to a ball reserve showing your next colored ball. In-game graphics are simple and sleek and are accompanied by a progressive chill-out futuristic soundtrack.

Game controls are touch screen and consist of 3 simple buttons. There are two movement arrows: one left arrow and one right arrow. To shoot your ball you simply press the lightly colored blue circle. Movement is very fluid but the end trajectory seems to be randomly off at times.

Match colored balls and vaporize rows to gain points; race against time for additional bonus points. Have fun trying to top the leader board while gaining personal victory completing each progressively more difficult level. Zap is a sleek futuristic match-3 arcade puzzle game sure to meet your pick up and play needs. Zap is personally my favorite of the three Polarbit games I reviewed and I recommend giving it a try if you enjoy match-3 puzzle games. Zap is available now in the Android Market for $1.99.

Zap Game Review Rundown

Graphics / Sound - Very simple and polished 3D graphics with space aged ambient music.
Game Controls - Easy touch screen controls with fluid reaction but includes some minimal error in end trajectory.
Gameplay - This fun and challenging pick-up-and-play puzzle game is easy to understand and comes with uncomplicated controls.
Replay Value - Global Leaderboards and challenging levels give Zap a high replay value.
Overall - Polished graphics, unique music, easy controls and high replay value make this a solid "9" pick-up-and play arcade puzzle game worth checking out.

App available on the Google Play Store »

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