Zombie Highway Review

Zombie Highway Review

Jul 29, 2013

Driving and zombies are like peanut butter and jelly of gaming. No one thought about mixing them together, and when they did, everything became right in this world. Even the games with below moderate quality are somewhat awesome, if they are about driving in a car through a zombie apocalypse. Zombie Highway is exactly about that, and while it doesn’t boast with variety, it’s sufficiently interesting, and pretty well done.

Zombie Highway 1Zombie Highway is devoid of story or characters, and instead, drops the player right into the action from the very start. The task is to drive a car through an infinite highway, filled with crashed cars and zombies that are way too eager to jump on the bandwagon, and eat everyone inside. The car can only be steered sideways, using the tilt controls. The zombies are spawned randomly at different points of the road, and when passed, jump at the car and try to attach to it. When attached, zombies start rocking the car, steering it off the course, and eventually – knock it over.

This means that the goals of the game are to evade the obstacles, and try to throw the clingy brain-eaters off the hood, before they roll it over. There are two ways of doing it: scraping the side with the zombie into debris on the road, and shooting it off. There are plenty of guns that are slowly unlocked, as the player progresses through the game, along with various cars, and even different highways. There can be up to three different cars on the car, and the player should tap on the side, on which the zombie is attached, to shoot him.

Although it’s quite challenging to drive the car, watch out for incoming zombies, and figuring out where to shoot, there are more challenges waiting ahead. Not only are there different kinds of zombies that are getting more ferocious after each passing mile, but each highway also has a slightly different, equally challenging gameplay. Although Zombie Highway looks like a pretty casual experience, it’s actually quite demanding, as every mistake on the road can lead to a crash.

Zombie Highway is quite primitive, but it has enough content and variety to be interesting for quite a long time. It has somewhat empty environments, but there are different settings to spice things up. Although it’s free-to-play, and can get quite stale after a while, it’s simply interesting to drive down the highways, claimed by the walking dead, to notice the repetitiveness. Anyway, even if someone has doubts as to whether they’ll like this game or not, there’s nothing to stop them from checking it out, as it’s free to download.

Zombie Highway Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Could be better, but pretty well done anyway.
Controls - Smooth response and no particular flaws.
Gameplay - Somewhat repetitive, but very interesting gameplay.
Replay Value - It's an endless driver, so replaying is at the core of gameplay.
Overall - Although it's not very varied, there's a lot of fun to be had in Zombie Highway.

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