Zombie Shoot: Pandemic Survivor Review

Zombie Shoot: Pandemic Survivor Review

Sep 13, 2017

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Zombie Shoot: Pandemic Survivor… a training tool, perhaps?

Yes, it’s all about surviving the inevitable zombie apocalypse. You take on the persona of our hero who is quite handy with all sorts of weaponry, and is very willing to take out any and all undead creatupes that cross his path.

Visually, the game is able to evoke a dark feel, and the developer allied the game to be taken in via landscape, with the player looking “down” on the action. The controls are virtual in nature, with two main buttons encouraging use of two thumbs; main buttons control movement and shooting.

And the aforementioned top-down view works relatively well, especially with the the dual thumb control mechanism. Different, deadly creatures look to move in and kill your character, and your job is to evade them long enough to kill them before they kill you.


The gameplay is leveled.

The enemies come from all around, and shooting automatically makes our hero rotate to take out the closest threats. Reloading is done automatically, though the argument could be made that it is probably quicker to relax manually before running through a magazine or clip completely.

Occasionally, a dispatched event will leave behind collectible goodies, like game cash or other valuables; these are scooped up by contact. The goodies help with crafting, which is necessary to be able to take on the more difficult waves that eventually arrive at tougher levels.

It is a relatively simple game, easy to pick up, and relatively self-contained in that it doesn’t necessarily require an outpouring of real cash. Zombies are a tried and true trope, but there is a reason it never gets old.

Zombie Shoot: Pandemic Survivor Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Appropriately dark looks with utilitarian sounds.
Controls - Easily set.
Gameplay - Wave shooting zombie destruction.
Repay Value - Highly engaging.
Overall - A fun game with plenty of action.
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