Zombie Toss Review

Zombie Toss Review

Oct 26, 2012

Zombie Toss dares ask a question no one was ever crazy enough to ask: what do zombies taste like? Not good, I’m guessing. In this slashing game, the object is to hack as many jumping zombies as possible to survive. The food chain has definitely come full circle, and the undead is now a part of the human menu.

The game has four worlds with 30 levels in total. A survival mode can be unlocked by collecting enough keys which are accumulated as one plays the game. The currency is in two forms: cash and tooth. Both of these are used to buy items such as weapons, ammo and health packs.

The game’s rule is very simple: slash zombies and avoid letting too many of them go, as this can lead to your death. Melee weapons are used to hack these zombies into pieces, starting with the kitchen knife. These can be upgraded to machetes, fire axe, claymore and katana depending on how much cash or tooth you have accumulated.

Zombies are not the only ones popping up the fence. There’s a toxic barrel of chemicals that explode and slow things down so it’s easier to slash through zombies around it. There are also other things floating around once in a while: health packs and bonus round boxes. Bonus rounds are a few seconds where you can use a bonus round weapon. This is a chainsaw by default, but one can upgrade to more powerful weapons like a shotgun, machine gun or a flame thrower.

Another extra weapon available only when seen flying through the fence is a super attack, which is activated by the red button on the bottom right corner of the screen. Note that when a super attack is activated, one only has a few seconds to push the button, after which it deactivates.

Graphics and sounds are quite impressive, although I can’t say the same for performance and game play. There’s a split second lag in responsiveness when slashing across zombies and objects. It’s not too slow that I’m not able to play the game, but it is noticeable and hampers an otherwise great gaming experience. It also doesn’t take the entire screen of the device, and black borders are present on each side of my HTC Sensation.

The developer page in Google Play says that registration to the gaming network is required before playing the game, and that may be a deal-breaker for most casual gamers. This game is also ad-supported, and there are some users who complain about ads popping up every now and then.

Zombie Toss is a new way to play slashing games, something that’s unique and interesting. There are certainly performance and display issues, but these are part of the game’s growing pains and should hopefully be resolved within a few updates. Besides, it’s not every day that one gets so many chances to slice zombies into pieces of dinner meat.

Zombie Toss Review Rundown

Graphics & Sound - High resolution graphics make slashing action so much more fun
Peformance - Lag and delays are noticeable and distracts from an otherwise excellent gaming experience.
Game Play - Game controls may be as simple as swiping left and right, although responsiveness is sometimes an issue.
Re-Play Value - Level of difficulty even in earlier stages of the game make replay possible even with only 30 levels.
Overall - Zombie Toss is a great start to a world where humans rule and zombies are hacked for meat. Glitches aside, this game is definitely worth a look.

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