Zombie Volcano Review

Zombie Volcano Review

Dec 9, 2013

Zombie Volcano reminds me of Time Surfer quite a lot, although its style is a lot different from that. The core gameplay is basically the same. There’s a zombie head that flies out from a mountain. The player needs to tap at the right moment, so it would go out with the most speed, and then control it, as it stone-skips across the shallow water. Actually, it shouldn’t do that, as going through water quickly drains its “fuel” reserves. To not lose them the head should bump from the little islands. Even better would be to bump into some sort of object, like a human, or cloud, or many other strange little objects in the world of Zombie Volcano – it’ll get a slight speed and fuel recharge.

If the head bumps into an ascending cliff, it’ll get an upward speed boost, and if it falls into a lava, it’ll also replenish its fuel. The farer the head flies, the less land there is, and the harder it is to not fall into water. There’s a way to make it a bit easier, though. There are special offerings that are picked up upon start, and work through the level. They can be set before the beginning, and are bought with the coins. The real world US coins, I mean. They can also be gotten from the game, but I still can’t understand how.

The control is performed by an astonishing one button. Actually, there aren’t any buttons.Zombie Volcano 2 Pressing anywhere will make the head gain a downward acceleration, and fall straight downwards, bumping into whatever is beneath it. The player should notice the incoming islands, or objects, and press the button at the right time.

Although the controls and the core mechanics are more than basic, and the graphics – quite primitive, Zombie Volcano doesn’t feel like a cheap game. On the contrary, it’s surprisingly addictive and enjoyable, and has a nice, simple design that’s pleasing the eye. It may have something to do with the fact that there’s a very nice 8-bit remix of Edvard Grieg’s “In the hall of the mountain king” playing in the background, but I thoroughly enjoyed this little adventure, and think that it’s a nice way to kill fifteen minutes here and there.

Zombie Volcano Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - It's cheap, yes, but it's stylish cheap.
Controls - One button - what's there to say?
Gameplay - Looks simple, but thoroughly enjoyable.
Replay Value - Not much to strive for, but the game is simply too interesting to put down.
Overall - A fun, simple arcade game about a flying zombie head.

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