Zombiewood Review

Zombiewood Review

Nov 7, 2012

Zombies have invaded Los Angeles! (Cue the funny Botox jokes NOW).

Gameloft formally goes into entrepreneurial mode by spitting out a game that explores the bright side of a zombie invasion. Hollywood has become Zombiewood.

The plotline is hilarious. Not to be deterred by the undead, a movie director gets a brilliant idea (undoubtedly stoked by not having to deal with stuntsmen fees and Actors unions): let’s make a movie starring live-action zombies!

Brilliant, dear sir.

The great graphics start from the intro cutscene; excellent colors and animations set the tone, and quickly sucked me in. The tutorial was straightforward, giving me an opportunity to work on shooting at props, and then took me directly into the game. Control-wise it made use of two main virtual controls: the movement toggle and the shooting stick. The shooting control worked way better than I envisaged; I started off with two powerful hand cannons that dispatched zombies with the quickness. The zombies came at me in swarms, and I had the upgradeable guns and special power-ups as my defense. And some of this power-ups were quite cool. I couldn’t get enough of this mass-exterminating grenade thingie. Mercy.

The sounds were great without being distracting, and helped create the appropriate ambiance.

The game is free, but as expected, there are upgrades available via IAP. I was able to provide and accumulate game cash and rewards, but it is clear that there was more fun to be had with real money. I admit that I was – and am – tempted. But that is a credit to the game, and what the developers were able to pack in.

Frankly, it is odd the season of the undead. There is a a zombie game on every cyber-corner. To garner attention, a game title is gonna have to pack a mean combination off looks and power under the hood.

Well done, Gameloft. Well done.

Zombiewood Review Rundown

Graphics/Sounds - Very nice; cartoon characters work well, and sounds are well crafted
Controls - Great dual controls; sensitivity was a off a time or two.
Gameplay - Scenes keep monotony to a minimum.
Replay Value - Plenty of reason to play, and play some more.
Overall - Another hit from Gameloft.

App available on the Google Play Store »

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  • Antonio

    Why is it that every review I read about this game camouflages the incredibly agressive IAP implemented in it? Do reviewers actually play a game beyond the first couple of hours?! As soon as you get to the “middle” levels there is an amzing spike on the difficulty and independent of your skills the game simply does not give you the money to buy the weapons or upgrades you need unless you grind beyond human limits or shell a lot of money for virtual useless upgrade in a casual useless game! If at least the real currency values were reasonable but they are off the charts! And they even block your upgrades for almost 24h unless you pay again with real money! What the hell?! What’s next on the greed channel, Gameripofft?