Zootopia Crime Files Review

Zootopia Crime Files Review

Aug 23, 2016

Well, it is becoming tougher to find a major movie without a companion mobile game than with one. We are not complaining though; it is a fine way to increase potential engagement with regards to said movie, and everybody wins.

It is what it delightfully is.

Disney is an old-hand in this game, and brings us Zootopia Crime Files, a hidden object caper based on animated feature Zootopia.

The game itself pack in familiar characters, as one would expect, really. The opening sequences give us a front-hand view of the graphics and navigation mechanism: very bright visually, with plenty of perspective, plus text boxes to help move stuff along. The game also utilizes virtual buttons to instigate actions.

Without much ado, the game throws the player into it. A crime has occurred, and we have to solve it. Here, it pops towards its main job, which is to be a hidden object adventure. After a few helpers, one gets to look for objects — uh, clues — in an area represented by a still image.


Simple taps retrieve the items, and finishing a stage earns one cash… more, based on speed and accuracy. There is also a hint system if one gets stuck. Retrieved items can be “analyzed” and information can be gathered for future use, such as to infer who did what when. New scenes are opened, and one can proceed on.

There is an energy requirement that can be overcome with patience or in-app purchase.

In games like this, the quality is all but determined by the way the objects are hidden. In this one, they puzzles are not very complex, which might be a function of the targeted demographic. The investigation aspect is fairly interesting, but seems bare-boned in parts.

Altogether, it’s a tidy entry, which is able o stand on its own, even while doing it’s source franchise good. It doesn’t tax the brain too much, and that isn’t neccessarily a bad thing.

Zootopia Crime Files Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Bright looks, but being a Disney thing, more animation could have helped.
Controls - Intuitive tap controls.
Gameplay - Hidden object gameplay, with an energy requirement.
Replay Value - Enjoyable in spurts.
Overall - Fun game with a great foundation.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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