Behind the Scenes: The Android Mobile Casino Experience

Behind the Scenes: The Android Mobile Casino Experience

Feb 19, 2018

The Prodigious Growth of the Mobile Market
Global Mobile Users: Source – ComScore

It comes as no surprise that mobile Internet now outstrips desktop users by a long margin. This was boosted by low-cost Internet (Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G), cost reductions with Android smartphones and tablets, and a burgeoning middle class in China and India.
Personal Use of Devices: 2017 – Source – OfCom

According to an OfCom communications report, users in the UK and the US spend 66 and 87 hours per month respectively browsing the web on their smartphones. The KPCB statistics for 2015 indicate that US mobile usage accounted for 51% of all time spent on digital media.
Smartphone Market Share – Source: DAZEINFO

Smartphones dominate over tablets, laptops and desktops by a long margin. This was confirmed by OfCom research in 2017.

Android vs iOS – The Growing Divide

The leading mobile operating systems are Android and iOS. In terms of their worldwide market share, Android has led iOS (iPhone) since 2012. The stats reveal the following:

  • Q2 2012 – Android 69.3%; iOS 16.6%
  • Q2 2013 – Android 79.8%; iOS 12.9%
  • Q2 2014 – Android 84.8%; iOS 11.6%
  • Q2 2015 – Android 82.8%; iOS 13.9%
  • Q2 2016 – Android 86.2%; iOS 12.9%
  • The remaining percentages are filled by Blackberry and Windows Phone OS. There are also strong geographic trends. iOS dominates in Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, and France. Android is dominant in Mexico, South America, Russia, Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, and Indonesia.

    Android devices are significantly cheaper than iPhones. According to Forbes Magazine, the typical price of an iPhone is around $687, while that of an Android smartphone is $254.

    The Challenges of Mobile for Web Developers

    AMP HTML, JS, and Cache – Source: AMP

    Web developers face unique challenges when setting up a site that is mobile friendly. Today, websites have adopted a mobile-first policy when it comes to the user experience. Everything begins with smartphone functionality. Website developers that begin with a PC-based platform (desktop) typically encounter problems when they try to optimize for mobile afterwards. Desktop features may be visible to the end user, while they are invisible to the mobile user. The biggest challenge on mobile though is load time. Mobile is significantly slower than desktop and this is problematic.

    Maintain Traffic Flow

    If a website only functions optimally for PC-based users, it stands to lose considerable traffic among mobile users. Web developers must juggle multiple issues such as navigation, functionality, speed, and quality. Menus, clickable links, and design need to be optimized.

    Most of the plug-ins that are currently available are iOS optimized, and create challenges for the UX on Android. Online gaming platforms are dependent on the audio-visual prowess of their offerings to create a wow factor with players. If the games cannot be seen, or optimized on mobile, the online gaming platform loses out. This concept is known as maximizing on-screen real estate.

    Challenges for Online Casino Webs Developers


    Web developers must create mobile friendly platforms for all devices. This includes pixel intensity, responsive design (creates increased liquidity for screen adjustments), greater interactivity with buttons, slide and swipe functionality, tilting, flipping and shaking options.

    Leading online casinos are making it easier for players to enjoy a rich mobile casino experience through a single web page for iOS and Android. The mobile game offering can be accessed from a hub page. This is an effective way to promote the mobile casino’s offerings. This presentation and design eliminates many of the challenges that web developers face with mobile users. The Android and iOS apps each have a unique interface. When mobile players click to play, they will automatically be presented with a full range of gaming options optimised for their device.

    Google’s Mobile First Indexing

    In 2016, Google announced that its search index will rank sites with a mobile-first approach. The algorithmic code of Google’s crawlers understands structured data and ranks pages and sites via the mobile-first index. According to Google, the majority of people are using their smartphones and tablets to access websites nowadays. The lag effect of PC-based ranking remains, however the Smartphone Googlebot is now crawling across websites and ranking them accordingly. Luckily, webpages that have already implemented responsive design and feature dynamic serving are good to go. The mobile first index is here and it’s reshaping the way web developers are creating pages, apps and enhancing their SEO efforts.

    What Are Google AMP Pages and How Can They Help?

    Mobile websites take much longer than PC/desktop to load, and this has been one of the greatest challenges to mobile functionality. A viable solution to the load time challenges with mobile comes in the form of Google AMP pages. AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages, and it is an open source project aimed at enhancing the speed, delivery and quality of mobile functionality. This ensures higher levels of engagement, increased ROI, greater flexibility and quicker load times. Accelerated mobile pages make it much more enticing and engaging for players to go the mobile route.

    Google AMP allows websites to rank better on mobile, and this is good news for search engine optimization (SEO). Since most users abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, it’s important that sites are mobile friendly. Most mobile sites don’t load in 3 seconds; in fact, most take 10 seconds to load. And if you’re using 3G Internet, this can be as much as 19 seconds. Google AMP is 4 x faster than a standard HTML page and it’s designed for rapid loading. There are no known downsides. To get started, all that’s needed is an extension, plug-in or module on a content management system such as Joomla, WordPress, or Drupal. Then it’s off the virtual casino games – wherever you may find yourself.

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    Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

    The Yakuza series is an action-adventure video game developed and published by SEGA. Released in 2005, the story follows a Yakuza named Kazuma Kiryu. After spending ten years of his life in jail for a crime he did not commit, he learns that billions of Yen have been stolen from the Tojo Clan. He then crosses path with an orphan girl, Haruka, who is a target of the clan, and who might also have the key for their lost money.

    In this series, Kazuma Kiryu travels to Hiroshima in search for answers. This is the PlayStation 4 sequel, Yakuza 6- The Song of Life. This action adventure game features a character that gains experience from combats and can be used to level up his capabilities. It is similar to adventure themed slot games available at Magical Vegas. As you play and collect points on the site, you get the chance to level up and enter the VIP club, where you benefit from enhanced offers and perks.

    2012 Plot

    On one snowy night, at Japan’s largest stage, a girl makes a confession in front of tens of thousands of fans. Stating “I’m a family member of Kazuma Kiryu.” That was the moment, Haruka Sawamura, declared her true dream. At the time of her confession, Kazuma has just barely managed to settle a conflict between five of Japan’s largest cities. In the middle of a relentless snowstorm, Kazuma and Haruka reunite.
    After the conflict, for Haruka to live with the children of the orphanage, Kazuma once again decides to cleanse. He has to fulfill a three-year prison term, as compensation in order to attain happiness. But this small gesture creates a massive disbalance in the life of Haruka and her orphan friends.
    Day and night Haruka was slandered, and the public outcry was more severe than expected. This caused Haruka to retire from the world of show business in an unexpected way. Attacks were so severe, that it even reached the children of Sunshine Orphanage. Haruka found herself alone and realized the naivety of her decision.

    2016 Plot

    On being released from prison, Kazuma was informed about the hard reality of Sunshine Orphanage and Haruka’s disappearance. Afraid that she would be a bad influence on the kids of the orphanage, she fled. Feeling guilty of not being able to support her, Kazuma returned to Okinawa and suffered his own uselessness.

    Searching for Haruka, he finds that she’s met with an accident and that she’s in critical condition. Kazuma is devastated. It comes to light that Haruka has been in Hiroshima the whole time. A city where the Himei Association is in control and is not affiliated with the Tojo Clan and Omi Alliance. This is new ground for Kazuma, as this area is out of reach of the Tojo Clan. But, why was Haruka in Hiroshima? Was her accident a mistake? Why did Haruka come to this city? What happened to Haruka while Kazuma was in prison? Kazuma makes it his mission to search every nook and cranny of Hiroshima for answers.

    Yakuza 6: Song Of Life was released in Japan on 8th December 2016 and will be released to the rest of the world on 20th March 2018. For now, you only have to wait to find the answers to all the questions!

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    You’ve seen the film, now play the game: Ferdinand: Unstoppabull is out now on Android

    You’ve seen the film, now play the game: Ferdinand: Unstoppabull is out now on Android

    Jan 4, 2018

    Ferdinand: Unstoppabull is a match three puzzler that serves as the official game of the animated movie of (almost) the same name.

    It’s a match three puzzler as you know and love them. You’ll match blocks together to earn a high score, doing so over hundreds of levels.

    There’s a twist here though. Matching blocks causes your favourite characters – who all feature – to perform a bunch of different dance moves. Snazzy!

    You can upgrade all of these dance moves as well to increase the score they provide when you do them. That will help you beat all your friends.

    Another interesting feature is the ability to have the game play automatically. Not only is this quite unique for a match three puzzler, but the hedgehogs Uno, Dos, and Quatro will play rather than the AI.

    With hundreds of levels to complete, a variety of dance moves to master, and special abilities to unleash, Ferdinand: Unstoppabull is chock full of content.

    So go ahead and grab it right now from Google Play. You certainly won’t regret it!

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    Sweet Kitty is a match-three adventure that will give you a sugar rush

    Sweet Kitty is a match-three adventure that will give you a sugar rush

    Dec 18, 2017

    Sweety the Kitty needs your help to become a master chef in Sweety Kitty. Created and self published by Integra Games Global OU, the adorable match-three adventure game is now available on the App Store and Google Play. Journey around a world full of colourful levels to collect recipes and help Sweety on his harrowing adventure.

    Sweety Kitty features over a hundred unique levels that will see you matching delectable candies, tarts, and pies to earn a high score and complete each challenge. Travel across diverse, beautifully designed locales to collect recipes for Sweety’s recipe book, a family heirloom left to him by his Granny.

    Along the way, you’ll meet up with the evil Rat, who will stop at nothing to see Sweety fail. Help Sweety protect his precious recipes by defeating the Rat in puzzle challenges that will really keep you on your toes. If you run into trouble, you can always call on your friends for help in Sweety Kitty’s multiplayer mode.

    Are you ready to embark on this delectable journey? You can download Sweety Kitty right now from the App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store and Facebook.

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    Prepare for the nuclear apocalypse in 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure

    Prepare for the nuclear apocalypse in 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure

    Dec 15, 2017

    What would you do if you only had 60 seconds to prepare your family for the pending doom of the entire world? It’s hard to imagine, but you can get some good ol’ video game practice in with 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure, Robot Gentleman’s apocalyptic indie adventure. The game is making the jump from PC to Android, and you’ll be able to test your own disaster scenarios in this dark comedy quite soon.

    60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure casts you as Ted, a family man frantically scrambling to gather supplies before the nuclear apocalypse hits. You’ll need to gather your family members and enough supplies to hold you over in your fallout shelter. Ted’s house is different in each playthrough, meaning you’ll be struggling to find things in time, adding to the tension each time you return to the game.

    Once you make to your shelter, however, another struggle begins. Whatever you manage to bring with you is key to your survival–the first 60 seconds of the game could determine whether you live or die. The game will throw unexpected events at you, forcing you to make tough decisions as you forge a new life in the post-apocalypse. Which of your family members get to eat the precious food rations? Will you venture outside to hunt for more? Do you answer the door when someone comes knocking? Each playthrough presents new decisions that will shape the story in fun new ways.

    60 Seconds

    Eager to try your hand at survival? 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure lands on Android on December 28th.

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    Get your online fantasy fix in Lineage 2: Revolution’s latest update

    Get your online fantasy fix in Lineage 2: Revolution’s latest update

    Dec 14, 2017

    Putting an endcap on what is already sure to be an impressive year for mobile publisher Netmarble, a new update is gracing their chart-topping fantasy MMORPG from today. Bringing with it a wealth of gameplay tweaks and additional servers, the star of the show is the introduction of 50v50 siege battles – available now in Lineage 2: Revolution.

    Pitting clans against each other in two teams of 50, Fortress Sieges act as the headline act within Lineage 2: Revolution’s end of year update. Taking place every Friday from 20:30 – 21:00 PST, the objective is to “imprint” onto the opposing team’s Holy Artefact, with many buffs and rewards awaiting those good enough to do so. Both sides can look forward to Adena, EXP, and Proof of Blood as standard, making every Fortress Siege a worthy endeavour.

    Newcomers needn’t miss out on the thrill of epic online battles thanks to the addition of a new mode known as Open Siege. It plays largely the same but works by placing every participant at an equal combat power and level, meaning that acute skill and strategy is rewarded more so than sheer brawn. Player count is also limited to 30v30 without the need to be part of a clan, making Open Siege the perfect place to hone your online ability in Lineage 2: Revolution.

    Those worried about the popularity of Lineage 2: Revolution’s new modes causing server strain can rest comfortably, with Netmarble introducing three new servers exclusively for North America and European. This will help ensure that players old and new that want to jump in will have the smoothest online experience possible.
    There’s never been a better time to jump in, gear up, and do battle. Lineage 2: Revolution and its end of year update are live now on Google Play.

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    Join Blob on his latest adventure in Give It Up! 3

    Join Blob on his latest adventure in Give It Up! 3

    Nov 26, 2017

    Give It Up! 3, the latest action-adventure title from Yoozoo Games and Invictus Gaming, recently made its big debut, introducing a host of new worlds, customization features, and multiplayer modes for players to explore. Guide Blob, your amorphous hero, through imaginative colorful levels in his most exciting adventure yet.

    The game is boasting a new and improved 3D aesthetic, with five expansive worlds for you to explore. Players can take their time to play through each level, uncovering every puzzle and surprise hidden therein. You’ll guide Blob through a number of interesting worlds, from jungle areas to even a car chassis. When you begin to tire of single player (which will likely take you quite some time), don’t forget to check out Give It Up! 3’s brand new PVP modes. You can compete against seven other players in League mode, or go head to head against a lone competitor in Arena mode.


    Give It Up! 3 even offers you the tools you’ll need to set yourself apart from the competition. Customize your Blob’s appearance, choosing from a number of different styles asnd props. You can deck your Blob out in some pretty sweet Wolverine claws, or opt for something classic, like a baseball bat. Yoozoo’s also offering players 12 new exclusive skins dedicated to the Chinese Zodiac.

    You can find Give It Up! 3 available to download right now from Google Play.

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    Win a brand new Honor 8 Pro smartphone in Pocket Gamer’s latest giveaway

    Win a brand new Honor 8 Pro smartphone in Pocket Gamer’s latest giveaway

    Jun 9, 2017

    Do you have what it takes to win the Honor 8 Pro? Well, the time has come for you to prove it.

    Tell us what you think makes for the perfect gaming phone and you could win one of 5 brand new Honor 8 Pro smartphones being offered in Pocket Gamer’s biggest competition yet.

    The Honor 8 Pro is the updated version of its predecessor Honor 8 device. The Pro looks to enhance all the best features from the original and bring more, boasting a Vulcan API system which allows next level gaming and a massive 6GB of RAM.


    At a pocket-stretching 5.7 inches, the Honor 8 Pro brings cinematic quality games and videos to your mobile. With a massive 64GB storage you will have all the room in the world to enjoy your favourite past times, with a pocket-sized companion to makes these experiences even sweeter.

    How to enter

    To enter simply reply to the tweet below telling us your requirements for a perfect gaming phone followed by #PGamerWishlist, #honor8pro and @honorglobal. We’ll look at all entries and decide on 5 lucky winners that will receive a new Honor 8 Pro.

    You’ve got until midnight on Monday 19th June to enter which is open to readers’ worldwide!

    Competition rules

    • The competition closes on Monday 19th June, at midnight BST, and no entries will be accepted after this date.
    • You must use the hashtags #PGamerWishlist, #honor8pro and include @honorglobal in your reply for your entry to be considered.
    • The winners will be notified by Twitter or Facebook shortly after the closing date of the competition – make sure you are following Pocket Gamer so your account can receive direct messages, or opened your Facebook account so you can receive inbox messages.
    • The competition is open to readers worldwide.
    • The winners will be the persons who the judges deem has answered the challenge in the most appropriate fashion.
    • Pocket Gamer parent company Steel Media’s decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the winners of the competition.
    • The competition is not open to employees of Steel Media or Honor or any of their agents involved in setting up this competition.
    • By entering, you agree to the official rules and Steel Media’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

    4 Games to try out on the Honor 8 Pro

    4 Games to try out on the Honor 8 Pro

    Jun 2, 2017

    The Honor 8 Pro packs a big punch when it comes to sheer performance. The phone’s 4,000 mAh battery, stunning display, and Kirin 960 processor make the phone a real dream for mobile gamers, too.

    How do you make the most of those killer specs, though? These four games will show you what the Honor 8 Pro is truly capable of.

    1. Perfect for clicking – SPACEPLAN


    The Honor 8 Pro boasts a beautiful 515ppi Quad HD display. The screen is big enough for serious gaming, but small enough to fit in your pocket. If you thought you needed a tablet to get the most out of your mobile games, think again. The Quad screen is super responsive, too, which is incredibly important for mobile gaming, especially when playing those idle clicker games.

    Devolver Digital’s latest game, SPACEPLAN, is the perfect clicker game to take advantage of the Pro’s unique display. The game has beautiful graphics that will look great on the display, and it’s a clicker, meaning you’ll be tap, tap, tapping for a good long while.

    Monument Valley

    2. Stunning visuals – Monument Valley

    If it’s gorgeous, cinematic visuals you seek, the Honor 8 Pro will not disappoint. The Quad HD display features advanced color management that will render your games with the highest fidelity. You can soak in every detail.

    Monument Valley is the best game to put these features to the test. It’s easily one of the most beautiful games on the mobile market, with its bright colors and stunning environments.


    3. Lagging solutions – Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

    No one likes lag. In fact, the problem has spawned an obsession with framerates among gaming enthusiasts worldwide. That likely won’t be a problem with the Honor 8 Pro, with its lightning fast 8-core processor and Vulcan API, which specifically works to cut lag.

    Test it for yourself with some of the most demanding Android games. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, a console and PC port launched last generation, is easily one of the most punishing games for mobile hardware. That shouldn’t be a problem for the Honor 8 Pro, though, thanks to its hefty processing power.


    4. Epic playing time – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

    Battery life can be just as important as performance for mobile gamers, and the Honor 8 Pro performs in that area as well with 1.5 days* of battery life at full load. That gives you plenty of time for gaming before you have to charge.

    Bioware’s Knights of the Old Republic is the perfect game to put that impressive battery to the test. Clocking in at 40 hours, this mobile port is a fantastic and faithful remake of one of the most famous western RPGs in recent years.

    *Data based on Honor lab tests. Battery life may vary based on usage patterns and network conditions.

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    We tried the Honor 8 Pro for you: Here’s how it went

    We tried the Honor 8 Pro for you: Here’s how it went

    Jun 1, 2017

    The Honor 8 Pro is the latest smartphone from Honor and marks an upgrade from the previously released Honor 8.

    As Honor’s new flagship smartphone competing with the top high-end mobile devices on the market, a lot of work has gone into its sleek design, sharp camera lens and easy-to-use interface.

    After a playtest with the phone, here’s what we found.


    Upon unboxing the Honor 8 Pro you see just how far Honor has gone to make a product competing with the big players. Everything you need is neatly packed in, from the device itself to the charger and important documents.

    What’s most unique however is the inclusion of a Google Cardboard headset. This means straight out of the box, after a tiny bit of set up, you can start experiencing virtual reality. This saves you having to go out and purchase a separate and expensive device, particularly useful if you’re unsure about VR in the first place.


    Design and Display

    The Honor 8 Pro is a big phone – it has a 5.7 inch touch screen in fact. But it’s not unwieldy. It may take some getting used to at first if you’re used to smaller screens, but the 2560 x 1440 Quad HD display offers crisp images.

    The screen’s size also offers more practical benefits, such as an easy to use touch keyboard and a bigger space for game user interfaces, which can make games more easily playable in some cases.

    As for design, its flush 12-megapixel + 12-megapixel dual rear-facing camera, which doesn’t protrude outward, is a particular highlight that completes a real sleek look.

    Battery life

    The Honor 8 Pro packs in a 4,000 mAh battery that’s said to last for 2 full days of regular use and almost 1.44 days of intensive use.


    Having played a few games on the device, including the power sapping Pokemon GO, the phone holds up well to intensive usage. After about an hour of use, power did not suffer greatly, suggesting a few extended gameplay sessions won’t leave you without any power for the rest of the day.

    In case you do start to run low on juice however, there are some smart options to keep your phone running. The typical power saving mode can add a few hours of battery life by limiting background app activity and reducing or disabling some visual effects and sounds.


    But the best feature here is the ‘Ultra’ power saving mode. During testing, selecting this mode offers a tremendous boost to battery life by cutting down the phone to only the most important apps. It automatically selects phone calls, texting and your contacts book – but leaves other slots to add apps of your choice.

    User interface

    The Honor 8 Pro uses Huawei’s EMUI 5.1 user interface. It’s simple and clean to use, and navigation buttons are built into the screen. The simple user interface makes it easy to navigate around your apps and rearrange your library to suit your tastes and needs. Settings are also easy to navigate, making it easy to customise features and set preferences.

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    An in-depth look at Honor 8 Pro and its best new features

    An in-depth look at Honor 8 Pro and its best new features

    May 22, 2017

    Those that often struggle to wade through the crowds of new smartphone releases when their contract expires every 1-2 years might want to consider the new Honor 8 Pro, the latest smartphone of Honor brand under Huawei that packs a suite of new physical and technological enhancements.

    The new model iterates on all the key features first introduced with the original Honor 8 device, though now delivering the extreme power modern phone users expect to stay up to speed.

    Redefining how users interact with a 5.7-inch smartphone, the Honor 8 Pro boasts an ultra-slim exterior while still being able to make use of a rather sizeable 4,000mAh battery. This helps to assure that if in use for large stretches of time the Pro remains safe to hold, being an inherently sleek design that also offers long battery life.

    KV design_small

    The Honor 8 Pro’s screen offers a cinematic Quad HD display experience, helping to bring users closer to the action, be it in the form of a movie or video game. Designed from the ground up with virtual reality use also in mind, the smartphone’s box is easily folded to form a VR headset that is made all the immersive thanks to such a high quality display.


    Both front facing and back cameras come to the aid of anyone hoping to capture life’s most memorable moments easily and seamlessly, with the Pro iteration of the Honor 8 now integrating Upgraded dual 12-megapixel technology into its design. Photos and videos will be stunningly captured like never before, especially when shooting in 4K.


    Speaking of the Honor 8 Pro’s improved tech, many noteworthy gaming experiences await by virtue of the Vulkan API and Kirin 960 chipset. Even when playing the most hardware intensive games, such architecture results in high processing speeds so the experience can be enjoyed unhindered and without hassle.

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    How to build an online casino website

    The Exponential Growth of Online Casinos

    The online casino industry is believed to have begun in 1994 when the Island Nations of Antigua & Barbuda passed the Free Trade & Processing Act, under which licenses could be granted to companies wanting to provide gaming services online.


    Since its humble beginnings, the online casino industry has grown exponentially and now is believed to be worth upwards of $ 450 Billion, with steady growth still being projected by observers.

    The rising popularity of online casinos is not a sudden or unforeseen phenomenon just like the Review of the Online Casinos. Through the below-mentioned pointers, you would be able to understand the reasons behind its growth and popularity: –

    ● Anytime, Anywhere – Play your favorite games at a place and time of your choosing. Missing the monthly Vegas trip has never been more fun!
    ● High-End 3D graphics combined with immersive gameplay does provide the same thrill to the player right from his couch
    ● Various one-time joining bonuses offered by online casinos act as add-ons for the discerning gamer

    The Stepping stones to get started

    Below we will discuss the steps through which you can create your own Online Casino Website

    1. Choose your Gaming Provider: – The Gaming provider you choose for your website will provide you with 2 important components, the Casino Software, and the Games.
    The Casino Software is the backbone of your website, as it helps you manage your entire operational activity such as account management, payment processing, fraud management and marketing campaigns. Once you establish a robust management system to take care of things at the back-end, you need to choose the Games to be featured on your website, as these will form the major attractions and draw players in.

    2. Obtaining a Casino License: – As an Online Casino operator, you will run into regulatory requirements when you are going to start your business. Thus you need to obtain a gambling license according to the jurisdiction you want to cater to.
    Countries such as Curacao or Costa Rica are one of the cheapest places to obtain a license in, with the yearly fee being around 20,000 EU. Places like UK, Malta or Romania, however, can set you back by up to 150,000 EUR per year. While choosing the jurisdiction, you must keep in mind its reputation, the licensing requirements and the extent taxes applicable.

    3. Setup your Payment Method: – With a good online casino, players want a seamless and well-integrated payment solution to set up their bets and redeem prize money. A robust payment system should have the following qualities –
    ● Multi-currency support to attract players from untapped markets
    ● Integration with all major e-merchants and e-wallets to facilitate smooth transactions
    ● Support for multiple payment solutions such as Credit and Debit cards
    ● Advanced risk management and fraud detection systems to ensure that the player and the house are safe
    4. Website Design: – The design of your website should be such that it attracts prospective players and intrigues them to explore more. In terms of website design, the following are the Dos and Don’ts which need to be followed.


    The “Do’s” while Building an Online Casino

    1. Seamlessly integrate different sections and pages on your website
    2. Make sure sufficient information is provided at all necessary points
    3. Ensure that the website content is drawn up by an expert who knows Search Engine Optimization so as to draw players from search engine results
    4. Ensure support for multiple languages based on the market you are catering to.
    5. Put in place a Google Adwords campaign that helps draw newer customers to your website

    The “Don’ts” while Building an Online Casino

    1. Clutter your site with unnecessary graphics which slow your site and make navigation cumbersome
    2. Put up excessive advertisements which result in long loading times for games

    How to Onboard New Players

    Now that you have learned about the basic necessities of building your website, we will move forward to how you can promote and popularize your website.

    Market your website – Just having quality games and a sound technical build is not enough if there are not enough players to get into the thick of the things. You need an efficient marketing strategy to draw players in. Launching new games every now and then, building up a little suspense before the launch and providing content based on current market favorites will help you with efficient marketing

    Loyalty Programs & Promotions – Reward your customer for being loyal to you and he will keep coming back. Popular loyalty programs today include Signup Bonuses, Deposit Bonuses, Free Bets etc. These ensure that the customer feels that they are getting a better worth of their money and time on your website.

    Promotions for seasonal events such as the NFL, Christmas makes sure the content on your website does not get old and boring for the average user. Above and over this, there is a need to introduce a VIP program for the high-value players so that they feel special for the money and time they invest on your website.

    Challenges & Opportunities

    The online casino industry is in a highly competitive state presently. With a number of players entering the market every day, you need to be one step ahead of the competition and bring customers in to sustain profitability. Moreover, as your website gets popular, it also attracts the attention of potential hackers who will try to breach your firewalls.
    For any new player entering this segment, these challenges need to be tackled head on by keeping the content at a higher standard and ensuring foolproof backend optimization. A well-designed website with a careful selection of popular games can quickly skyrocket your online casino into a crowd favorite.