100% Indie To Showcase 30 Games At E3 2013

100% Indie To Showcase 30 Games At E3 2013

May 3, 2013

Android developers have been given an opportunity to have their games demoed at E3 2013 through the 100% Indie program. Each day during E3, 100% Indie will showcase 10 different games from different developers, giving them the chance to have their game seen by people in the industry. Developers will send their Android game to www.100percentindie.com for consideration and will be notified by Friday, May 31st.

Games selected by the 100% Indie team will be based on their creativity in different categories. The games will be made playable at E3 2013 and showcased in a continuous video loop that will be shown at the booth. There will also be a game of the day and overall game of the show award based on visitor impressions.


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