2016’s Top 5 Watched Pieces of Content on Samsung VR

2016’s Top 5 Watched Pieces of Content on Samsung VR

Jan 1, 2017

2016 was definitely the year of virtual reality, and Samsung blazed the trail. Wondering what the top pieces of content watched via the Samsung VR service in 2016 are?

Here ya go:

· Number 5: The Conjuring 2 – Experience Enfield VR 360 (from Warner Bros.): Walk through the house that renowned demonologists Lorraine and Ed Warren investigate, and experience true terror as you witness the paranormal spirits that haunt the Hodgson’s.

· Number 4: Six Flags | Twisted Colossus (from Samsung): Skip the long line and scream your head off on the Twisted Colossus roller coaster. Just make sure you’re sitting down for this ride!

· Number 3: Invisible | Trailer (from Condé Nast, Samsung and Jaunt): Preview the thrilling scripted supernatural drama from Bourne Identity director Doug Liman that follows a New York family with a mysterious secret that’s about to be exposed.

· Number 2: Six Flags | Tatsu (from Samsung): Feel the adrenaline rush as you hang off the steel flying ride that will have you twisting and turning. You don’t need wings to soar through these skies!

· Number 1: The Beginning (from Singularity Lab): Watch the incredible birth of our world – from the Big Bang to the rise of the oceans – through the lens of a time and space machine.

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