Adult Swim Games’ Castle Doombad Launches Exclusively on Amazon Appstore

Castle Doombad, now on Android via the Amazon Appstore, is a 2D, vertical-based tower defense-esque game published by Adult Swim Games, and developed by one of their top developers: Grumpyface. Featuring 45 levels, players must keep out those pesky heroes, playing as the evil Dr. Lord Evilstein. Nature vs. nurture? With a name like that, I’m going with nurture. And with his traps, I’m on his side, too. This is a premium game, unlike the free-to-play games Adult Swim Games has been releasing. Interestingly, the game’s only on Amazon Appstore at the moment and not Google Play, so those looking to sink their teeth into Adult Swim Games’ latest will have to look beyond Google Play.

Carter Dotson
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