Adventure Time: Card Wars Floops on to Android Soon

Adventure Time: Card Wars Floops on to Android Soon

Feb 12, 2014

Did you ever watch the “Card Wars” episode of Adventure Time and think, “Gee, I wish I could actually play that?” Well, prepare to floop the pig as Adventure Time: Card Wars is coming to Android from Cryptozoic Entertainment, D3Publisher, and Cartoon Network. Featuring 20 playable characters and over 200 cards, players will get to compete to be the Cool Guy. As well, there’s a physical version coming out soon and it will contain codes to use in the digital versions.

No release date is confirmed, but the game should be coming soon. Just don’t play against Jake.

Carter Dotson
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  • kermitplaysmc101

    Can you please make the cad wars available on android? I really wanna play it :'( .
    Please! I wanna play it so bad!

  • ohlonjohnson

    AHHHHH i need to floop the pig, soo much so i am considering buying a used ipod. The android version cant come out fast enough D:

  • Anymnous

    I hope it comes out May 14th THATS MY BDAY!!!!!! Floop Da Pig!

  • Guy Montag

    Mine 2 days before that. But I can’t wait that long. FLOOP DA PIG.

  • josh

    Please make it for android ill give the app 5 stars please i love andventure time and my fav episode is card wars plwaee make it for android please!!!