Amazon Adds Appstore Functionality to Regular Amazon App

Amazon Adds Appstore Functionality to Regular Amazon App

Oct 27, 2014

It looks like Amazon is working to streamline its Android app offerings with some improvements to the main Amazon app.

The Amazon Appstore used to be a standalone app which is/was independent of the main shopping app. If one uses the recently released Prime Instant Video app, that would makes three apps Amazon customer would potentially have to install on their devices.

It looks like one of those apps can now be somewhat retired, as Amazon has consolidated the Appstore functionality into the main Amazon app. Now users can manage apps via the app section nestled in the three-line menu to the upper left of the Amazon app. The user interface is quite similar to that of the standalone app, and, at first glance, gives users the same management tools.

The Amazon Appstore is still available for folks who prefer the standalone experience.

As for watching Prime streaming content, that standalone app is still required; it would be great if that could be blended into the main app as well.

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[Source: Android Community]

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