Amazon’s Android Appstore Welcomes Developers

Amazon’s Android Appstore Welcomes Developers

Jan 5, 2011

Back in September the Android blogs were buzzing with the rumors of Amazon’s plan to launch its own Android Marketplace and up until now things have been kind of quiet.

Today Amazon announced the launch of its developer portal for the ensuing Amazon app store. The developer portal is open to any developer willing to sell his soul and can be accessed via Amazon is even willing to waive its $99 annual developer program fee for anyone who joins the program now. I’m still up in the air about whether or not this program is worth the trouble for developers but I’ll just pass on some info and leave you to your own judgments.

Starting today, developers can join Amazon’s appstore developer program and get started on submitting their apps for approval to be sold on The new store will be available to customers some time later this year and will allow customers to purchase apps via their PC or mobile devices. People have been saying that one advantage of the Amazon app store is its broad international reach but from what I’ve read in the fact section, it will only be available to US customers at launch.

All apps will have to pass Amazon inspection and comply with Amazon’s “Content Guidelines.” Developers are encouraged to add as many merchandising assets as they wish but must at least submit the required minimum of a small icon, a thumbnail, and a minimum of three screenshots that accurately depict the application.

Payment structure for developers reflects the standard rate of 70% to developers and 30% to Amazon. Developers will be paid on a monthly basis as long as the balance due exceeds the payment threshold which is $10 for US developers and $100 for international developers. Developers are also required to pay an annual $99 developer program fee for the privilege of having their apps on Amazon.

There’s no doubt Amazon has a huge customer base but with Google’s recent Android Market improvements and their declaration to further better the market I don’t see any reason to go beyond our beloved/hated Android Market. Personally, I can honestly say I will never purchase an app from Amazon’s app store, but then again I’m just one Android user out of millions so who knows.

What are your thoughts? Will you be using the Amazon app store to purchase apps? Will any of you developers be joining Amazons program? We would love to hear your thoughts on the subject. For more information on Amazon’s app store and its developer portal just follow the link below.

Source:, via Android Central

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