American Airlines’ “One Million” AAdvantage Mile Giveaway

American Airlines’ “One Million” AAdvantage Mile Giveaway

Apr 1, 2011

American Airlines launched their official Android app back in early February, and keeping with tradition, delayed the celebration until today. In a successful attempt to garner attention, American Airlines has announced their MobileMillion Sweepstakes.

The contest is simple and quite rewarding for anyone lucky enough to win. To enter, simply download the American Airlines app for Android (which is free) and follow the prompts. A quick name and email address is all it takes to be entered to win one million American Airlines AAdvantage miles. But wait — that’s not all! To add to the pure insanity, American Airlines will be giving away a Barnes & Noble NOOK color every day for 30 days, and who wouldn’t want to get their hands on one of those cute rootable incognito tablets!

If you already have the app installed, don’t worry. Just update the app and you will be given the chance to enter. Otherwise, find the small print on the contest page and follow the directions on how to enter without having to download the app. All entrants will also have the opportunity to gain additional entries by sharing the American Airlines app with their “friends.”

If you happen to be a frequent AA flyer, the app is definitely worth the free download. For everyone else — it’s a free Sudoko app. Now all I have to do is figure out where I’m going to go once I win the Million Miles. Check out the links below for more info and then fly on over to the Android Market for your chance to win.

Download: American Airlines

Source: American Airlines, via Android Central

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