My App Addiction: Business Calendar

My App Addiction: Business Calendar

Jul 6, 2015

One of the very first things I really became reliant on on my old PDAs was the electronic calendar. On PalmOS, I liked the ability to sync to desktop software and keep my schedule and tasks in order.

As I moved across mobile platforms, I became more enamored with cloud-based solutions, as it because easier to access data online from several sources. Still, even when I got on Android, I still craved customization.

And then I found Business Calendar.

The app hits my “wanted” list quite capably. First, it syncs with Google Calendar, and mirrors it perfectly. It allows for the management of multiple G-Cal accounts, and with the ability to color-code such, it is possible to manage group events. It works well with built-in programs like the address book and vice navigation tools, so that a whole trip can be managed from within the app itself. It’s possible to create appointments listing (and invites) on the spot.

The UI is clean. One can tweak the app to fit a wide range of needs, from font size all the way to weekday length. There are two themes to pick from, and as hinted at earlier, a wealth of color options that can be applied to elements within the application.

My favorite elements are probably the functionality via the Business Tasks add-on and the veritable collection of widgets. This allows me to use and manage tasks using the independent programs I prefer, and the latter feature allows me to manage events and tasks from one place. One tap, and everything is there. Entering a new task or event is easy, as is working on stuff that is already live.

There are several reasons I love this program, and refuse to be without it, so much so that I have yet to upgrade to the newest iteration of the app.

Business Calendar is gold.

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