Android Market Hits 100,000 Apps

Android Market Hits 100,000 Apps

Nov 1, 2010

Android app development continues to surge and this latest accomplishment is a reminder of just how far it has come. Now before we start the “Apple throwing,” this is in no way an “Apple vs Android” article. This is just a congratulations to Android and its app development progress. This is great news for the Android community but it doesn’t come without pitfalls. One would love to believe that the “100,000” represents high quality, ground breaking, games and apps but we know this is not the case. Anyone who has visited the Android Market knows this number represents another number; the number of repetitive, useless, utter crap that muddles the Android Market.

This milestone is great but I think Android users would much prefer quality over quantity. I’m not too optimistic about an Android Market clean up but I’m also not sure the alternatives will be any better. Both Verizon and Amazon plan on releasing their own Android Markets but I’m thinking these will be nothing more than a way for these companies to push their own bloatware or demand outrageous prices for mediocre apps.

What are some positives of having such an astounding selection of apps (other than being able to download 1,000 Justin Bieber wallpapers)? This large number also represents competition. Let’s not forget that this can be a very profitable business for some. With business and competition comes innovation. Developers are always hard at work inventing new ways to help make our lives easier or more enjoyable via these magical handheld multi-tools we call “phones.” It has almost reached a point where I can’t remember how we ever survived without them. So I say “Keep bringing the apps!” and congratulations to Android. A huge Thank You! to all those Android developers out there making our world a little more connected and fun.

Source: @AndroidDev

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