Android Is Ready for Football, Are You?

Android Is Ready for Football, Are You?

Sep 6, 2010

Can you smell the bratwurst in the air? Do you even know what bratwurst is? If you do then you’re probably covered in body paint and growling like a rabid dog. Whether you’re that guy with no shirt on in 10° weather or an office worker just trying to win the company pool, it’s time to start getting ready. Are you ready? I said “ARE YOU READY?!!”

Football season is upon us. At this very moment an army of footballians (I just made that up) have begun planning and plotting a hostile take over of what was once their peaceful living rooms. (While their wives and girlfriends begin contemplating separation as opposed to being exposed to the usual onslaught of bean dips, chili stains, and nacho crumbs.)

All fun aside, let’s hand the bullhorn over to coach Android who’s going to prepare you for a Super Bowl of football apps, tips, and tricks to get the most out of the 2010 football season.

Android Does:

Fantasy Football – The infamous VinDoggs LowRiders are trying to defend their championship title while the Naugatuck Knights are trying to avoid becoming “Ass of the Year” for the second year in a row. Scenarios like this are playing out all over the fantasy football world and so you ask “How can my Android powered device help catapult me to fantasy stardom while leaving my competition in the dust?”

Android Browser

Most all top fantasy football providers can be accessed through the browser. Being able to utilize the UI that you have been using for years on your PC and are comfortable with is a great feeling. Add this with recent integrations such as Flash (on select Android devices) and chrome to phone and you now have a mobile device with a plethora of once inaccessible content literally right at your fingertips.

Why then are so many people turned off by the browser? For one it can be slow, especially in low signal areas. Secondly, always having to type in a url can be very time consuming. Last but not least, the fact that the browser always defaults to mobile view leaves you with content that is sometimes useless. How do you fix this?

Let’s take a look at some ways to configure your device for a more pleasurable experience between you and your browser. On some phones you can simply open your browser click Menu > More > Settings > uncheck mobile view. Most phones do not have this option so you will have to open your browser and type “about:debug” (without the quotes) into the address bar. Hit go (nothing will happen), then hit Menu > Settings > UAString > Desktop. This will now allow you to view websites in desktop view but unfortunately it only works for that browsing session. Once you close the browser it resets. That means you will have to repeat those steps every time you open the browser. This can become cumbersome but it’s really your only option unless you load a different browser onto your device.

After you have that taken care of go ahead and log into your fantasy home page and everything should look familiar. For easier access bookmark your page Menu > More >Add bookmark then add a shortcut to your home screen Home screen long press on blank area > Shortcuts > Bookmark > choose bookmark. You now have mobility and one click access to all your fantasy tools. <–Insert Sinister laugh

Android Apps

If the browser is not doing the job for you and you would still prefer an app to give you that fantasy edge then you may be a tad disappointed. There doesn’t seem to be a vast array of useful fantasy football apps worth downloading but don’t let that stop you. Below are some useful apps to assist you in your quest for fantasy greatness.

• Draft Punk (FREE) – If you’re the guy showing up to drafts with a stack of loose papers, pencils and highlighters then this is the app for you. With over 700 players and rankings Draft Punk is the ultimate fantasy cheat sheet. The UI is very clean and simple making navigation a breeze. You can filter players by position or search by name. You can save players to an interested list for later viewing and also keep track of who’s already been drafted. Short press for offline stats or long press for the option to view a players detail on your browser. Continuous updates, the ability to save drafts to SD and email copies make this app a tree friendly, clutter free must have app for fantasy football owners.

• Yahoo! Fantasy Football ’10 (FREE) – The newly released Yahoo fantasy football app is finally here. Nothing like a last minute hail mary pass to get this to us before the season starts. If you play fantasy football on Yahoo this app is a must have. Now you can use your Android phone to manage your rosters, view standings, use waivers, check matchups, and more. It’s a brand new app so we will need some time with it to see how it compares to Fantasy Guru (covered below) but it is the official Yahoo fantasy football app which means only more to come in the future as they get feedback and perform updates. Go to the market and grab this app because you only have a week before GAME TIME!!!

• Fantasy Guru ( Yahoo sports ) (FREE) – While not the official Yahoo app, this app still gives you control over your Yahoo fantasy sports teams. Use it to view and edit rosters, send trades, check stats, plus many other features, including the ability to customize your background, roster view, and icon colors. It does lack a draft option and does not support multiple Yahoo accounts but look forward to future updates including these features. If you love Yahoo fantasy sports then give this app a try.

• ScoreMobile for Android (FREE) – ScoreMobile for Android provides sports scores, fantasy stats, news, betting odds, and more. You can also customize their widget (an oversized widget) with your favorite sports. Great overall app to keep you updated of current sports specific information.

– Coming Soon – and ESPN claim to be releasing fantasy football
apps for Android very soon so be on the look out. You can also visit HuddleHub to find out about a fantasy app being released this September.

Android Does:

NFL – What’s better than the gridiron greatness of the NFL? Not much. What’s worse than someone planning a party in the middle of YOUR Sunday afternoon? Not much. Good thing you can always count on your best buddy Android to keep you in the game even when someone else is trying to keep you out of it.

Android Browser

I’d hate to repeat myself so I won’t. *See “Android Browser”* in the Fantasy Football section above for tips on how to configure your browser for full web access to all your favorite NFL related sites.

Android Apps

Let’s take a look at some apps to help feed that need for pigskin pleasure.

• NFL Mobile (Verizon users only) (FREE) – If you have Verizon as a carrier then you should already know they have the exclusive NFL Mobile app. What can I say? This is the motherland of NFL content and it’s only a click away. TOUCHDOWN! (add in a 2pt conversion once they release their fantasy football app)

• ESPN ScoreCenter (FREE) – This app isn’t very impressive considering it’s from ESPN. The only things you can really view with this app are current scores. Anything else just links you to the official ESPN site. Not that that’s a bad thing but I kind of expect more out of an app. This is really nothing more than a glorified bookmark. It does have a widget that will allow you to view your favorite team scores so give it a whirl.

• SportsTap (FREE) – SportsTap offers a wealth of features. Access scores, news, photos, stats and more. Set notification for favorite team updates. Follow local teams with LocalTap. It also comes with a widget for favorite teams info. SportsTap is a good alternative but it does not come without its problems. Constant notifications and processing makes for decreased performance and quick battery drain. Other bugs are noted by users so hopefully updates will be released to fix these problems. Worth a look.

• ScoreMobile for Android (FREE) – *See “ScoreMobile for Android”* in Fantasy Football Apps review above.

• NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go (Free for new Sunday Ticket Subscribers, otherwise $49.99) – Dish Networks newest replacement of SuperFan comes with the usual Dish Network high price tag. For die hard football fans with the means I can think of no better way to ensure you never miss a Sunday game or stat EVER! I haven’t used this app but I am envious of it. Website states “available on select Android devices” but I couldn’t find a list of those supported devices. I also believe it is still labeled as SuperFan in the Android market.

Tip: Visit the home site of your favorite football team and they may have a team specific app for your phone. (At least the Patriots do)

The only thing left now is to go download some wallpapers, ringtones, and whatever other team swag you can find. I hope Android helps you to enjoy your 2010 Football Season. GO PATS!!

Note: College Fans replace all NFL tips and steps with your favorite college sites or apps.

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