Android Rundown Video of the Day: Anomaly 2 Benchmark

Android Rundown Video of the Day: Anomaly 2 Benchmark

Sep 16, 2013

The Anomaly series of tower offense games has been one of the finest mobile strategy games so far, but the mobile versions have been largely just versions optimized for mobile devices, not necessarily the full experience that 11 bit Studios provides on PC. Not any more! Anomaly 2 is going to try and bring the full Anomaly experience to Android devices. And to do this, 11 bit has released the Anomaly 2 Benchmark.

This app runs several scenes from the game (it’s a 600 MB download so it’s not just videos, it’s all in-engine running on the device) to collect benchmark scores on how different aspects of the engine perform on different devices, sending the info back to 11 bit so they know what to optimize for, so they can make the game quite possibly the best-looking Android game yet.

The benchmark is free to download, but for those with older devices, I ran it on my Nexus 4 to show off the high-performance benchmark in our video of the day:

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