Android Rundown Video of the Day: BlastTrax

Android Rundown Video of the Day: BlastTrax

Sep 12, 2013

Some games just look better in motion. BlastTrax is all about motion, specifically motion blur, and thus a video showing off what this game looks like in sweet motion is a perfect fit for our Video of the Day series.

This racing-game-turned-shmup features configurable blur effects, which add a stylistic touch that a lot of games lack. It just looks great, like the best Jeff Minter games. And since it’s configurable, there’s no Space Giraffe situation where it gets to be too much – unless you want it that way, of course.

This is one of the most interesting titles that the prolific Jayenkai has put out, and easily his best-looking game: it’s a flashy, splashy, blurtastic experience, and it deserves to be seen live in action. Watch the hands-on footage below with my hopefully entertaining commentary and download the game on Google Play.

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Carter Dotson
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