Android Rundown Video of the Day: Heroes of Loot

Android Rundown Video of the Day: Heroes of Loot

Sep 11, 2013

Orangepixel’s hack ’n slash roguelike Heroes of Loot finally releases to the public on Thursday, August 12th, with release scheduled on Google Play and Ouya. However, for those who can’t wait to get their hands on with the game, we’ve got an extended look at this fast-paced dungeon crawler.

With the dungeon at level 3 out of 5, I take the powerful, yet slow to level up, wizard through the catacombs, collecting treasure and powerful spells, trying to raise the dungeon difficulty level to get more loot! Can I survive long enough to do so? You’ll just have to watch and find out. Ouya players and Green Throttle controller owners will be able to enlist a friend to help them crawl the dungeons and get that sweet, sweet loot.

We’ll have a full review of the game on Thursday when it’s publicly-available, but for now, watch one wizard take on thousands of enemies:

Carter Dotson
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