Android Rundown Video of the Day: Toast Time

Android Rundown Video of the Day: Toast Time

Sep 13, 2013

It’s a game about toast. And time. It’s appropriately called Toast Time. Force of Habit mixes in some Super Crate Box elements in a unique game that’s featured on this edition of Video of the Day.

I go through the first world of the game, trying to not only keep the enemies from destroying the clock in the level, but also trying to get high scores by keeping the combo multiplier increasing. The game is very stringent on what a three-star rating entails, so be prepared for some retries, not only in the video but when playing it!

I also demo a brief taste of the second world, and some of the customization options: toast wearing a monocle? Who woulda thunk it? Oh, and everything’s unlocked by picking up the weapon crates in the game, which are absurdly-weaponized foodstuffs. Bagel shotgun.

Watch the video below, and check out the game on Google Play.

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Carter Dotson
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