Android Rundown Visits 148Apps’ The Portable Podcast

Android Rundown Visits 148Apps’ The Portable Podcast

Mar 24, 2011

Over on 148Apps, Android Rundown’s own Vincent Messina and I chatted up Android gaming on The Portable Podcast. If you haven’t listened to The Portable Podcast, I and a bevy of guests, from other critics to game developers, discuss the latest and greatest in mobile gaming. Typically, this has been with iOS gaming, but Vincent and I talk about Android gaming and the tablet market in this latest episode of the podcast.

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In This Episode:

We discuss Android, especially gaming. We discuss the elements of each OS, how they differ, and why one is not necessarily better than the other. We also discuss some of our favorite games for Android, including iOS ports.
Who We Are:

Host: Carter Dotson
Guest: Vincent Messina, Android Rundown
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