[Updated] Android TweetDeck Beta Test Begins This Week

[Updated] Android TweetDeck Beta Test Begins This Week

Aug 12, 2010

When it comes to Twitter apps, everyone has their go-to favorite. Something about the style, feel, or just even blind loyalty keeps many of us using different Twitter apps for different reasons. But for power users, those that keep their finger on the social pulse or many different beats at any given time, there’s usually only one solution for those users: TweetDeck.

This week, TweetDeck announced that they’re opening up their Beta Test for their Android app. Their announcement is pretty clear that this venture into Android isn’t simply a port, it’s not TweetDeck on Android, but rather Android TweetDeck, and it’s going to have some new features that will lead the development path for the future of their mobile product.

we’ve built Android TweetDeck from the ground up to be true multi-stream, laser focused on showing you all your friends’ cross-service activity in one app. Multi-column is still the order of the day but now columns are blended based on the type of activity rather than the service. And all this whilst retaining the most powerful functionality from each included service.

This is a bold and exciting step that shows that the iTunes App Store may be packed with apps, but the leadership position that it has held for quite some time might just be starting to lose it’s strength. Android is becoming a viably competitive platform with the number of devices out there and the number of power users taking full advantage of what these devices have to offer.

While the blog has yet to be updates regarding the start of the Beta Test, we’ll keep you posted or you can check out the TweetDeck Blog for more information.

UPDATE: TweetDeck Beta is now available to the public. Click here to register for it.

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