Android Users More Likely to Click Advertisements

Android Users More Likely to Click Advertisements

Sep 13, 2010

Here’s some interesting news. First let me give a special mention to Android Police for this great info which came live from the AppNation conerence.

According to a recent report entitled “The State of Mobile Apps” which was compiled by the Neilsen Company (one of the largest media research companies in the world) it seems that Android users have a quick trigger finger when it comes to in app advertisements. Leading the click percentage category with 33% of users clicking on in app advertisements. In second was Windows Mobile users with 29% clicking ads followed by Apple iOS with 26%.

This is certainly some good news for the world of Android app development. Those developers who have been on the ropes about the profitability of Android can now feel more confident about making the jump. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Developers make money, advertisers reach audiences, Android users get more apps and Android becomes even more popular ensuring a flourishing economic life cycle.

Feel free to take a look at the complete report below for greater insight into popular trends and profitable avenues within the mobile application world. Thanks again to Android Police for making this information available to the Android community.

Full Report

Source:Android Police

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