Androidify Yourself

Androidify Yourself

Feb 15, 2011

Ever wonder what it would be like to live in the shoes (if he had shoes) of our favorite little green robot? Well — now you can! Thanks to Google and a little app called Androidify you can now create, customize and share your own personal Android (think Nintento Mii meets Android).

Androidify is great for creating personalized Android contact photos of your friends and family or to build your own little Android army (get on it game developers). There are over a hundred customizations to choose from such as:

  • Body Size – Stretch or shrink body, head, arms and legs.
  • Skin Color – Everything from light to dark and even green.
  • Hair style/color – Choose from various styles and colors ranging from punk to geeky.
  • Shirts – You want plaid? They have plaid. You want kung-fu? They have kung-fu (I love the player shirt — hillarious)
  • Pants – Everything from “Where’s Waldo” pants to heart print boxers to keep your Android privates — private.
  • Shoes – These boots were made for walkin’ and that’s just what they’ll do. One of these days these boots are going to walk all over Apple too.
  • Accessories – Try out your best pirate with a parrot and an eye patch or pimp some free parking with a monocle and a mustache.

Of course I downloaded Androidify and after a few taps here, adjustments there, I am now immortalized in Android form.

You can save your Androids in a nice little “My Androids” gallery, set them as contact photos, set them as your wallpaper or share them via twitter, facebook, etc..

You will find Androidify to be a cool and fun addition to an already cool and fun platform. Androidify is available for free in the Android Market and has already seen over 100,000 downloads. Check out the video and then follow the links to get started on your very own personalized Android personas.

Download: Androidify

Direct Android Market Web Link: Androidify


Vincent Messina
Self made billionaire, inventor of the Large Hadron Collider and owner of the New England Patriots soon found life quite boring. This kid at heart decided to trade it all to become the worlds first fun loving father, writer, musician with an ever growing obsession for little green robots.
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  • Bjorn

    I’d love it if they would let iPhone users Androidify themselves

  • Klasic3452

    can i get this on an iphone???

  • Klasic3452, you and Bjorn are clearly radical dreamers. Too beautiful for this world.

  • Marko

    Am I allowed to use Android robots created in Androidify as characters in my Android game?

  • I love this app